Serrano appointed the undisputed title, the growth of women’s boxing

New York (AP) — Amanda Serrano decided four years ago to fight only at her most comfortable weight.

There will be certain exceptions, of course. Her bout last year against women’s boxing history-making Katie Taylor meant lifting two weight classes, as does her rematch later this year.

Otherwise, a fighter who has spent his career jumping between divisions, who once fought for the 115-pound title just four months after winning one at 140, would only fight at the featherweight limit of 126.

Seems an easy enough decision. In a sport that is about being hurt or being hurt, all fighters want to feel their strongest.

The boxer did not always have this luxury.

“So, I was going all over the place because of the opportunities,” Serrano said.

Sometimes, they weren’t even into boxing. Serrano, like two-time Olympic gold medalist Clarissa Shields, has also competed in mixed martial arts in an effort to boost profiles and paychecks.

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