Snake Byte: 01/30 – 10 games under 0.500

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Las Vegas sets Arizona Diamondbacks win total

The Arizona Diamondbacks win total is set at 75.5 with a little juice in the end. The number is -121 to round out that win total. Based on the 162-game schedule, that number indicates that the D-Backs will end up with about 10 games under . 500.

The Diamondbacks signed Jeurys Familia to a minor league deal

He didn’t just sign the Diamondbacks Austin Adams and Jesse Biddlelike Male Jim McLennanand whatever it was, but also former Mets comfort character Jeurys Familia showed up in the desert.

Here’s why D-backs come to the fore in the spring

Players and coaches like to start in January.

Injury notes: Kirillov, Maeda, Ahmed

Ahmed is not expected to have any restrictions by the time spring training begins.

About MLB

How will Comerica’s new fences affect tigers?

Here’s what the file is the changes would be, and why it is necessary.

  • Center field was brought up from 422 feet to 412. (Although the wall poster previously read 420, it was actually 422.)
  • The left field cornerback has been renamed from 345-foot to 342-foot (no actual physical change, just one marker).
  • The height of the fence will be a constant seven feet all the way around, coming down from 8 1/2 feet center and right, and 13 feet center right.

Funny piece with some quotes from players who hate Comerica.

Ian Kennedy and Reyes Moronta have signed minor league deals with the Rangers

Veteran linebacker Ian Kennedy and outfielder Clint Frazier were among the five players Texas Rangers Friday signed minor league contracts that included invitations to major league spring training.

Left-hander Danny Duffy, right-hander Reyes Moronta and outfielder Travis Jankowski have all received invitations to spring training in Arizona.

The 38-year-old Kennedy returned to Texas after going 4-7 with 10 saves and a 5.36 ERA in 57 relief games with the Arizona Diamondbacks last season.

Rocky Mountains owner Dick Monfort questions Padres spending

The Padres are trying to win, and it’s still irritating some owners.

Who will be on the ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2024?

Carlos Beltrán, Todd Hilton, Billy Wagner, Andrew Jones, Gary Sheffield, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Omar Vizquel, Andy Pettitte, Jimmy Rollins, Bobby Abreu, Mark Bohrley, Torey Hunter and Francisco Rodriguez will return.

Many new names will be eligible for the first time.

Diamond Sports Group’s bankruptcy could rock baseball’s revenue boat

I’ll be honest: I didn’t read the article because it had too much text. But in case you’re curious what might happen, apart from our “expert” opinions, here’s another one.

Dana Brown takes over as general manager of the Houston Astros, a well-earned but questionable honor

Dana Brown, who left the Atlanta Braves’ organization brimming with young talent after four years as vice president of scouting, has had the surprisingly dubious honor of overseeing the division of baseball operations for the reigning league champions. In taking the job with the Houston Astros, he joins White Sox executive vice president Ken Williams as the only black chiefs of MLB baseball operations.

Mets will keep David Peterson, Taylor Miguel ready as starting depth: ‘We need them to be the studs they are’

The Mets are preventing their good performance prospects from taking a spot in the rotation.

across the Atlantic

Dominik Scheffler became the first Swiss player to sign with an MLB organization

The Cincinnati Reds of Major League Baseball (MLB) signed 17-year-old left-handed pitcher Dominic Scheffler. Born in Zurich, Scheffler became the first player ever developed in Switzerland to be given a chance in US baseball. Otto Hess (1878-1926, also a left-handed pitcher), the only Swiss-born player to play at the MLB level, developed as a player in the United States.

When asked about his favorite baseball team, the kid said it was “neutral.” Smiley face

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