Snapshot of Saturday Monday: A scary pandemic and handmade art

Every weekend, indie developers showcase current work on Twitter #SaturdayShots tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these picks and clips. This week, a lot caught my eye! Come check out immersive piano playing, hand-drawn and stop-motion art, space and pandemic horror, dogfighting planes, and more!

Cute handcrafted scenes in this stop-motion language learning adventure game: Language Adventures:

strong mood at curfew (Coming to, a horror game “set on a surreal British floating island during a mysterious pandemic”:

I don’t often like musical puzzles, not least because I spend ages searching for “well those two black keys mean this is C which means…” and counting on my fingers, so I simulate immersive Spectra adding note clues. I’m looking forward to playing the note I know off the top of my head (the lead dimple from “The Big Breakfast”) on this piano:

Colorful scenes in Roto Force, a two-stick shooter (Coming to Steam):

Playing the sound of the sad scenes in the RPG game The Milk Lake (Coming to Steam):

Great question for a great kid:

While we’re by the water, here’s a nice water shot of Teslagrad 2 (Coming to Steam):

And why not just spray more water, from Trip AutUmn (Coming to Steam), a hand-drawn adventure game about Android exploring an alien planet:

I like this little detail in Bridgebourn’s “action-adventure role-playing game” about treasures, which is generally good looking:

A nice take on the classic level genre in the Pepper Grinder game (coming to steam And gog):

Seeing that “Lovecraftian spacefighter RPG in the open world” Underspace (coming to Steam) They didn’t use these concepts makes me very curious as to what they actually did:

Very interested in this long downhill sightseeing from metroidvania VA Proxy (Coming to Steam):

A spell that consumes all my mana and deals as much kill as possible magically really appeals to me:

Extreme realism in an air wrestling survival game in Top Dog (Coming to Steam):

Unkind Twitter pressure for this spooky scene from The White Owl alien encounter (Coming to

A little puzzling in the hand-drawn world of Ruffy And The Riverside (Coming to Steam):

This is my curiosity:

And in conclusion, I enjoy a game that has a built-in museum of its own history, like the ultraviolent first-person shooter Ultrakill (now out). On Steam Early Access) Soon you will:

What caught your eye this weekend, dear reader?

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