Some players call Grid Legends the ugliest Quest 2 game

Some players call it

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Yesterday, Grid Legends came out in Meta Quest 2. Testers and fans are complaining about poor graphics. What do we learn from this?

the Network Legends The port brings the 2D racing game into virtual reality for the first time, virtually entirely, filling a gap in the Meta Quest Store. Apart from the like arcade runners The bosom of death or Dash Dash WorldThere were no great racing games or racing simulators for Meta Quest 2 (Review).

The VR game has some limitations compared to the original game. Online races have a limit of 16 participants and only touchscreen controllers serve as inputs. The VR version also lacks DLC and cross-play functionality with other versions of the racing game.

Then there are the graphics Code Masters He had to adapt to the very limited mobile computing power of Meta Quest 2. The original mission, Now more or less deadnot supported.

2D menus and accurate graphics

Needless to say, the graphics have been scaled down. But according to the first reactions from testers and fans, the game loses a lot in graphic terms. Two VR Youtubers describe Grid Legends as The worst Quest 2 game yet, and reviews in the Meta Quest Store have similar feedback from buyers. Currently, the title has a three star rating.

Oculus Quest Reddit has a file Interesting technical analysis of a VR gameexplaining that Grid Legends is meticulously rendered 1,080 x 1,188 pixels (Quest 2 render standard is 1,440 x 1,584 pixels) and runs in 36 frames per second.

The frame rate is up to 72fps using Meta AppSW display technology. Codemasters has brought out the big guns to run the game on Meta Quest 2.

What lessons can be learned from this? You probably don’t have to release every game on mobile devices – especially if those devices are limited Technical improvement.

I can think of a number of PC VR games that look so ugly on the Meta Quest 2 that I’d rather not play them at all than on a standalone VR headset. Not because the developers didn’t make an effort. Some titles are simply not suitable for mobile implementation due to factors such as the size of the game world.

Apparently, enough Meta Quest 2 units have been sold that major publishers like EA are now trying to make a quick buck with hasty and loveless ports. At this point, Meta can also be blamed for not taking a good look at quality control.

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