Special Prize Winners – The Irish Times

Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine

Biological and Ecological – Senior: Olivia O’Shea, Erica O’Brien-Murray, Abigail O’Brien-Murray; Can we save the common ashes? Loreto High School.


Biological and Environmental – Medium: John Buckley; investigated a prototype tool belt for the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries in veterinarians; Árdscoil Uí Urmoltaigh.


Tech – Medium: Sadie Loftus; An investigation into the use of external electrical pulses in the treatment and management of Raynaud’s disease; Salesian High School.

Eli Lilly

Chemical, Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Intermediate: Rachel Burns. An investigation into an alternative feed stock for biodiesel production that contributes to a cleaner environment; Coláiste Dun an Rí.

Geological Survey of Ireland

Chemical, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences – Junior: Chloe Ni Chonghail, Maerten, Kongel, Amy Ni Chellery; Cumhacht na dtonn ar Inis Meáin- An féidir le forsa nach féidir a stopadh rud dochorraithe a bhogadh; Colleague Naomi Owen.

Irish Science Teachers Association

Chemical, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences – Junior: Padraig Doherty, Madison Redden; garbage physics project; Desmond College.


Technology – Senior: Aaron Dignam, Ciaran Liddy; GaelTalk – an immersive Irish language learning experience in virtual reality that can enhance Irish language practice; Saint Joseph High School.

Road Safety Award

Social and Behavioral Sciences – Intermediate: Kate Palance, Sathebeh Nolan, Alex McElroy; Does music interfere with our steering wheels? A systematic investigation of the effects that different musical genres and styles have on driving ability and driving habits; Saint Mary’s High School.


Biological and Environmental – Medium: Ain Shortall, Kate White; A sweeter way to treat equine parasites; Moate Community School.

.IE Award

Tech – Medium: Chunak Mohapatra; Create a safe and accessible healthcare platform; Confy Community College.

COMREG – Communications Regulatory Commission

Technology – Senior: Donal McDermott, Teja Ohinawe; an investigation into the feasibility of using microcontrollers in buoyancy aids to prevent marine losses; Marist College.

Environmental Protection Agency

Biological and Environmental – Medium: Alisha Manoj; Which compostable liner is best for home composting? St Andrews College.

Africa Science Self-Help for Development

Technology – Senior: Vedh Kannan, Will Carkner; BloodBox: A diagnostic tool for bloodborne diseases. Sutton Park School.

Science Foundation Ireland

Tech – Medium: Sebastian Galvin, Julian Lewandowski, Evan Wien; a solution to coastal flooding in Irish cities; Sutton Park School.

Williams Lea Ireland

Social and Behavioral Sciences – Intermediate: Leanne Mahon, Amy Farrell; Vaping Unveiled – Harmless or Habit? FCJ High School.

The best project in Ireland

Social and Behavioral Sciences – Intermediate: Clarisse NI Chonchobhair, Sadhbeh Bonnington, Patrick Cox; Imscrúdú ar an Éifeacht atá ag binaural Beats ar an gcodladh; Minsquil German.

Institute of Physics of Ireland

Chemical, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences – Senior: Aaron Waldron, Conor Quinlivan; factors affecting Muon flux density; Mongrett Community College.


Chemical, Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Intermediate: Oisín O’Neill, Darragh Henderson; Developing a seawater desalination device that is economically feasible for individuals in developing countries; Oatlands College.


Tech – Medium: Menahil Mir, Tamima Abedin, Abby McNamara; hitting books; Coliste Nano Nagle.


Technology – Medium: Weichen Huang; learn self-supervised cross-media acting; St Andrews College.

Central Statistical Office (CSO) Open Data Award

Biological and Ecological – Senior: Michael Herty, Luke McEveney; an investigation of methane release from permafrost using satellite data; Abbey Christian Brothers School.

Insightful Fourth Prize

Technology – Senior: Andrey Florian, Ilya Solovgov; An investigation into global genomic sequence screening and development of a new screening system; CBS St. Aidan’s.

HEANET – Ireland’s National Research and Education Network

Social and Behavioral Sciences – Intermediate: Rachel Wallace; an investigation into the differences in how men and women are treated in online games; St. Aloysius School.

Food Safety Authority of Ireland

Technology – Junior: Lipa Mir, Wagma Jan, Lana Kaddoura; Keep it halal. Coliste Nano Nagle.

National Water Forum

Biological and Ecological – Medium: Eve O’Driscoll, Susannah Guerin; An investigation of the effectiveness of constructed agricultural land sediment ponds in enhancing biodiversity as evidenced by the presence of water beetles as biomarkers; Colaist Teresa.

Irish Research Council

Social and Behavioral Sciences – Intermediate: Sophie Brennan, Ava Clare; Flow forecasts Loreto High School.

eFlow STAR (Honorable Sustainable Transport Award)

Social and Behavioral Sciences – Intermediate: Lily O’Shea, Grace Kelleher, Kawemhi O’Brien; modeling passenger transportation emissions to guide sustainable transportation policy for local and national schools; St Mary’s High School Macroom.

Renewed green coat

Technology – Mid: Seán O’Sullivan; investigated the feasibility of wind generation at the micro level; Coliste Kiaren.

Health Research Council

Social and Behavioral Sciences – Intermediate: Leah Nolan; vaping under the influence: an investigation of the influence of social media on adolescents’ attitudes toward vaping; Loreto High School.

Process your feelings

Social and Behavioral Sciences – Senior: Shane O’Connor, Liam Carew; assess the impact of second-level education on key aspects of adolescent life and development; Abbey School.

Mitt Erian

Chemical, Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Intermediate: Oisin Jackson; Statistical analysis of the relationship between precipitation and river discharge in the Eel River catchment area; Mary Immaculate High School.

National Disability Authority

Biological and Ecological – Medium: April Conroy, Kathleen Campbell, Jessica Fergus; the effect of aging on homeostasis; Saint Vincent High School.

Housing agency

Technology – Beginner: Hazim Ahmed, Muhammad Bilal Ali Khan; Buy or rent? a predictive analytics algorithm for predicting house prices using machine learning; Collist Federig CBS.

Jacques Ristan Shows

Biological and Ecological – Senior: Carragh Killeen, Alice Marinan, Sean McInerney; Kilpoleum: a sugargrass biofuel as an alternative to petroleum fuels; Saint Joseph Community College.

Department of Education for Sustainable Development

Social and Behavioral Sciences – Intermediate: Ava Conerney; GE T Together – Girls in Engineering and Technology; St Bridges College.

The best project in Northern Ireland

Biological and Ecological – Senior: Kara Colvin; Cigarette smoke causes scarring in the lungs – how? Southeast Regional College, Lisburn.

Strip, physical and mathematical chemistry

Chemical, Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Senior: Adrian Dragomir; energy. Adamstown Community College.

Horizon is biological and environmental

Biological and Ecological – Senior: Ayush Tambde; analysis of single-cell proteomic data to understand the mechanisms of cancerous transformation and how to control it; Stratford College.

RTÉ Social and Behavioral

Social and Behavioral Sciences – Junior: Maria Linyi; An investigation of the effect of ball exercise on memory function among children of primary school age; Loreto College.

analog technology

Technology – Senior: Solomon Doyle; DermAI- a deep neural network-based detection tool for the classification of benign and malignant skin lesions to aid early diagnosis; Dundalk Grammar School.

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