Stackwell Capital announces the launch of its Robo-Investing app, plans to collaborate with the NBA and WNBA to accelerate its efforts

since its inception, Stockwell Capital Founded by Trevor Roser Bird, she was on a mission to close the racial wealth gap. Now, it’s one step closer.

From September 21, users will have access to an automated investing app, which will enhance their knowledge of financial markets, according to a press release. exclusive Submitted to AfroTech.

Courtesy of Stackwell Capital

Courtesy of Stackwell Capital

The application will target Black Millennials and Generation Z American aims to achieve better results by strengthening their power and growing their fortunes in the financial market.

“I hope that with our app and the brand we’ve built, more people in the black community will feel empowered to believe that they belong in the financial markets, that they can be successful once they get there. I want them to realize that Stackwell’s commitment to them is intentional and enduring, and that we are here as proof. them to help them along their journey to achieve their goals and objectives of building long-term wealth,” Stackwell founder and CEO Trevor Rozier-Byrd AfroTech said in an email interview.

Stockwell Capital is to provide pre-made portfolios and educational content associated with Accessibility, and behavioral nudges to encourage healthy practices toward financial freedom.

Courtesy of Stackwell Capital

Courtesy of Stackwell Capital

Additionally, users can start by paying a monthly subscription fee of $1 and committing to an investment of $10. The cost ensures that the financial literacy tools offered on the platform are accessible to those interested in building sustainable wealth.

“For us, what is completely missing from the ongoing dialogue about how to resolve the racial wealth gap is the focus on how increased investment participation can significantly accelerate the ability of black communities to grow sustainable, long-term wealth. As a result, a key element of Stackwell is: Providing our users with access to educational investment content that is accessible and presented in culturally competent ways.We focus heavily on images, our use of language, and cultural examples.Roser Bird told AfroTech: “We want to make sure that people don’t feel “others” in the process, So that they understand: This is a space in which they belong, and a space in which they can succeed.”

AfroTech also exclusive I knew Stackwell Capital’s efforts would be encouraged as they would also work with many of the NBA and WNBA teams, including the Detroit Pistons, New Orleans Pelicans, Washington Wizards and Washington Mystics, Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynxes.

According to a press release, the three-year partnership will increase interest in black communities, as it relates to financial literacy, through unique programs and events. Stackwell will collaborate with teams to produce co-branded content, aimed at reaching millions of people locally and nationally and opening new Stackwell accounts.

“The New Orleans Pelicans are delighted to collaborate with Stackwell on this new multi-year partnership. By joining forces with Stackwell, we are able to provide a platform to reach and empower more members of the black community across New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region,” said New Orleans Pelicans President Dennis Lauscha, according to a press release.

Furthermore, the partnership will again invest in local communities to take charge of wealth creation for black students, entrepreneurs, innovators and small business owners, among others.

“Through NBA and WNBA partnerships, Stackwell is investing in Detroit, Minneapolis, New Orleans and Washington, DC for the long-term. By partnering with NBA and WNBA teams in these markets, we will be able to provide access to investment and education to local black communities that are among the most Communities affected by the Racial Wealth Gap. Together, we will drive social and economic impact in these markets with authenticity and passion, open more than 3,500 new accounts at Stackwell, and contribute more than $250,000 to local black communities over the next three years,” Roser Bird said.

The launch of Stackwell Capital’s automated investment app and plans with the NBA and WNBA follows its announcement of closing an initial $3.5 million round.

was the round Led by Mike Gordon of Fenway Sports Group, and Jeremy Sklar, CEO and Chairman of WS Development and Kraft Group.

Now, as also stated in the press release, Stackwell Capital will “continue to build momentum for its app release and NBA and WNBA partnerships to grow the support ecosystem around the company, enabling execution against the company’s strategic goals, expanding operations and driving impact in the black community.”

To download the app, visit the App Store or her website.

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