Star Wars takes a snowy day at Funko’s Fun Festival

The familiar wide eyes of Funko Pop! Peer line out of the latest incarnation Jedi Master Yoda, but there is something completely different in this version. For one thing, those big eyes look like lumps of coal. And his ears? Apparently only two carrots protrude from the impossibly sculpted head of a snowball. is happy to share a closer look at the next wave of Funko Pop! bobbleheads six star Wars Holiday-themed sculptures that will debut during Funko’s Festival of Fun today: yodaAnd the Boba FettAnd the C-3POAnd the Darth VaderAnd the R2-D2And the Stormtrooper.

To celebrate, we sat down with Funko Director Rhys O’Brien to find out how we love star Wars And nostalgia has led to the creation of charming new characters, with twig and stone detailing topped off – at least in the Sith Lord’s snowy case – by Funko taking a discarded bath towel and an old belt.

Funko Funko Pop!  Darth Vader. We’ve Seen a Pink and Red Valentine star Wars Funko’s and Darth Vader are brandishing a holiday candy cane in place of his laser sword. But these snow figures are next level! What triggered this idea?

Reese O’Brien: This all came from a “blue sky” brainstorming session we had with Lucasfilm a few years ago. We were trying to think of a nice way to connect star Wars Characters with a sense of nostalgia. We talked about kids making or playing with home costumes star Wars Games, that kind of thing. Then one of our designers did a quick sketch of the snowman version Darth Vader It would look and we would all shout, “Yeah! That’s it!”

Funko Funko Pop!  Yoda. Lots of great touches and details. What are some of your favorite things about each one, and in your opinion, what specifically makes the design clearly read as the character it’s based on? Yoda islands ears inspired!

Reese O’Brien: These were all a little tricky, because you had to find that fine line between getting the snow person look while still making each character easy to identify. We really had to put ourselves in the boots (or snowshoes) of a little kid building this in his front yard, and so we made the decision that all the bits and pieces would be things they find around the yard; Sticks, rocks, carrots, etc.

Funko Funko Pop!  From Boba Fett and C-3PO

for Boba Fettwe imagined a kid finding the perfect sticks for his helmet scope and pistol.

We pictured this child delicately placing small twigs Threebio To represent its exposed wires. art He had a lot of detail, so we got crazy with the twig and carrot placement, but my favorite part is the rocks crammed into the snow for his projector lenses.

Funko Funko Pop!  Yoda.

I agree, Yoda’s giant carrot ears are a hit of brilliance on the part of our concept designer. It made me laugh as soon as I saw it. But for Vader, we broke our rule a bit and let the kid run home and borrow an old towel for the head and their sweet dad’s belt.

Funko Funko Pop!  From R2-D2 Of the six, which was the biggest challenge and how was it solved?

Reese O’Brien: Artau was the hardest, I think. The actual robot has two legs (sometimes three) with a lot of open space below, so we had to work around that. We can’t make the usual big snowball that usually makes up the bottom of a snowy person because Arto is so low to the ground. So we just had to imagine how you could pack the snow, get the basic Artoo look, and then maybe shovel some snow away to finally find that magical sweet spot, visually.

Funko Funko Pop!  Storm soldier. What’s your favourite?

Reese O’Brien: My personal favorite is Stormtrooper, but that’s mostly because I’m a Stormtrooper geek in general. I just love the way we used carrots for the front ventilator on the helmet and the big charcoal bits in the shape of the helmet lenses. It totally looks like something I would have built in the snow myself as a kid.

In addition, the addition of external shine gives all these a special sparkle that makes you think of pleasant snowy days. Are you planning any additional snow figures in the future?

Reese O’Brien: You always want to start a new streak with heavy hitters. And we have a loose base with the new star Wars Form Factors – We always want to show a robot, helmet/armored character, and alien on first flight. This way, you get a good feeling that this new style will work for everything star Wars cast on you. Seeing our first set, I have absolutely no concern about the possibility of translating any of them star Wars Figure in a charming snowman figurine.

For future waves, you just have to wait and see. But I’ll tell you one thing, if you like these pops! You’ll definitely want to get your hands on the advent calendar! I can’t say anymore.

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