Steve Jobs’ legacy

good morning! Tim Cook and others looked at Steve Jobs’ legacy at yesterday’s Code conference. Additionally, election season is just around the corner, and campaigns are turning to streaming services to lure voters to the polls.

Jobs Memories

After Tuesday’s mesmerizing introduction, Wednesday night at the Code conference was a bleak one. Journalist Kara Swisher interviews Apple CEO Tim Cook, designer Joni Ive and Emerson Collective founder Laurene Powell Jobs about the Steve Jobs legacy.

Tim Cook’s day was very busy, After announcing a new list of Apple products in the morning.

  • Not a ton to report there, of course: Essentially incremental product improvements For phones, watches, and AirPods, including an $800 extreme sports watch and satellite connectivity for phones.
  • Most notably, iPhone prices did not rise in the US

In Code, Cook, Ive and Powell Jobs He has transformed Jobs over the years, from his disciplined thinking, to his passion for design and openness to debate. As they spoke, the crowd’s reverence was palpable. “He was a once in a century plus type of person,” Cook said.

Eve and Paul Jobs reflected on Jobs’ commitment to design. “Steve developed early in his life a very complete aesthetic sense,” said Powell Jobs.

  • This sense was so clever that the couple hadn’t had a sofa or chairs for years because the couple couldn’t agree on the design language, she said.
  • said Eve, who spoke at length about Job’s respect for the creative process during the years helping Jobs and Apple create some of the world’s most iconic products.

Cook discussed Jobs’ commitment to user privacy and open discussion.

  • “I know there was folklore in it that you didn’t discuss, that’s just not true,” Cook said.
  • He also took part in his biggest discussion with Jobs: whether or not the original iPhone should be sold under a revenue-sharing agreement with wireless carriers, or through a carrier-supported model. (Jobs won that initial argument, but Apple later changed course.)
  • Mostly, Cook talked about what Jobs taught him, and how those lessons live on at Apple.

Paul Jobs also spoke about the Steve Jobs archive, A new project was developed jointly by Yves and Cook, as well as a historian and archivist.

  • The project features artifacts, including emails that Jobs sent to himself, quotes from various letters, and other items.
  • Powell Jobs said that while there are real artifacts and materials, “the archive is more about ideas.”

Swisher finished the evening by reading Jobs’ words about death. “You’re already naked, and there’s no reason not to follow your heart,” he told Stanford alumni in 2005. The reading startled Swisher with tears, and the crowd gave a standing ovation.

– Aisha Counts

Prepare for broadcast (ad) wars

Fall election ads are about to pop up in every nook and cranny of the Internet. And this election season, campaigns are increasingly looking to broadcast services to advertise, my colleague Janko Ruetgers Reports.

Spending on advertising flows increased 15x during the first half of 2022 compared to the same time period in 2020, according to marketing software company Basis Technologies.

  • “Connected TV is really the big story in political advertising this year,” Grace Briscoe, senior vice president of Basis Technologies, told Janko.
  • The news is great for streaming services, which may see an increase in ad revenue after a rough few months of supply chain problems and high inflation.

But why does this happen Currently? Political advertisers have historically avoided streaming services, but they are now too big to ignore them. It is becoming increasingly clear that candidates need to reach younger voters.

  • Dallas Lawrence of Samba TV told Janko that during the 2020 election, major political TV ads reached the same 55% of voters, losing out on those who don’t watch broadcasts or TV shows. That will include the adult Generation Z, who are heading to the polls in droves.
  • “[Streaming] It really is the only way to get there [Gen Z]Lawrence said.

More streaming providers now support ads, This means a larger pool of candidates and a greater chance of targeting voters. If platforms like Netflix and Disney+ start accepting political ads as well, Lawrence said, “it’s going to set off a land grab unlike anything we’ve seen in more than a generation of political TV ads.”

– Sarah Roach

The heat waves were scaring me

California agreed to a A variety of aggressive Climate Measures last week. Immediately thereafter, as if to underscore the importance — and challenge — of decarbonization, the country faced record-breaking heat that strained the power grid near its breaking point.

California needs a network upgrade. The load on the grid will only increase in the coming years, especially as the country moves towards electric cars; I have placed a sales ban gas powered cars by 2035.

  • Fortunately, the state’s historic climate legislation includes $8 billion to strengthen the network. And with the right action, the grid could be ready in the future for more electric vehicles and more heat.

Utility-wide battery storage can be of some help. Because while achieving climate goals requires more renewables, the problem is that they are intermittent.

  • Instead of relying on natural gas to power the grid, batteries can store massive amounts of energy from solar or wind energy to spread into the grid when needed.
  • Major utilities like Southern California Edison already made Huge Purchases In battery storage, the Biden administration has done it big investment In improving and investing in the battery supply chain energy storage And get the utilities to install them.

But you can’t count small business And creative thinking, too. Brian Kahn, editor of Protocol Climate, told me that things like energy efficiency in the home or using electric vehicles to put power back into the grid — they’re just batteries on wheels, after all — might go a long way. “It’s not just less fossil fuels, it’s more good stuff. All the other little bits can help with that transition,” he said.

– Nat Rubio Yacht


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Payments update

NACHA and other industry groups and regulators are seeking major changes. In this virtual event, we will speak with a panel of payment experts and regulators to discuss how banks can stay ahead of the curve and ensure the United States can catch up with innovation abroad.

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people talking

Spotify’s Daniel Eck wants European regulators To speed up Their antitrust case against Apple:

  • “It’s an image of a company constantly rushing to avoid doing anything.”

Andy Gacy said He has no immediate plans To get Amazon employees back into the office:

  • “But we will move forward adaptively as we learn.”

Governor Cathy Hochhol of Mastercard and other fintech companies wantsDo their part in combating gun violence“:

  • “AmericanExpress, @MasterCard, and @Visa must classify firearms purchases and report suspicious activity — just as they do with millions of other transactions.”

make moves

Jason Lee is Splunk’s new CISO. He recently worked in the same role at Zoom.

Kevin Mandia, CEO of Mandiant, has joined the Board of Cohesiity He now leads the company’s new security advisory board.

Megan Dorn joins TechNet as director of federal policy. Dorn from Argo AI.

Shane Evans Join Talkdesk CRO. Evans previously held the position of interim CEO at MX and worked at Qualtrics prior to that.

GameStop announced the release of new partnership with FTX After reporting widening losses in the last quarter.

thoma bravo Won’t buy Darktrace after every thing. Shares of the cybersecurity company fell in the news.

in other news

Amazon and Google employees stage protests In San Francisco, New York and other cities to pressure the two companies to get rid of Controversial Cloud computing contracts with the Israeli government.

Snap has a transformation plan. in leaked noteCEO Evan Spiegel detailed plans to increase Snap’s user base by 30% and pump revenue to $6 billion in 2023, betting a lot on paid subscriptions.

Twitter allows more people Use BirdwatchAnd the Community validation project, trying to improve content moderation.

Voyager Digital is go to auction On the 13th of September. This could be a win-win for bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange clients: a higher price could lead to better paybacks.

Kim kardashian Getting into private equity. But if you are looking for an investment from SKKY Partners, check it out Listen to her advice before the meeting.

Netflix looks to cut costs as streaming stunted growth. It’s cutting costs on real estate and cloud computing as well as reducing corporate booty as it seeks to grow subscribers to 500 million customers over the next few years, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Google and Meta are going Where TikTok is not: India. The two offer creators great incentives in the country, where there is an opportunity to become a leading short video platform.

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Instacart keeps winning

Instacart has added another startup to its list: rosy apps, a startup in the field of grocery delivery to local retailers and wholesalers. The purchase is his second acquisition this past week, and another sign that the company is dominating the grocery delivery game while Others are floundering. The company accounts for 47% of the total grocery delivery market according to YipitData analysis — more than Walmart, Amazon or Kroger. The question now remains: When will it finally be released to the public?

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