StockEdge has launched India’s first AI-powered scanning mechanism to automatically recognize chart patterns in different stocks with StockEdge Pro

Kolkata, IndiaAnd January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kredent InfoEdge Pvt Ltd Announced the addition of an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chart pattern recognition feature in StockEdge, which is the most popular stock market application developed by it. This feature is the first of its kind Indiawhich is expected to make recognizing chart patterns very easy for stock market participants in the future India.

Founded in 2016, StockEdge has lived on with the goal of empowering retail investors India. Over the years, StockEdge has attempted to make stock market participants self-reliant by using sophisticated analysis tools that enable them to take informed market calls. It is trusted by millions of traders and investors IndiaStockEdge is known for its research and development to make trading a smoother journey.

In 2023, StockEdge has created an innovative automatic chart pattern recognition system. This feature will help the trader to take positions in the market. The AI-powered algorithm processes all stocks and after further simplification prepares a list of stocks where specific patterns have formed. This helps the trader to get complete clarity about the market trends.

If the user has a watchlist, they can take a quick look at the chart pattern via their selection of stocks. Many patterns have been added to the StockEdge Pro-Triangular pattern, flag pattern, head and shoulders pattern, and wedge patterns. All new StockEdge Pro The plan will give the user full access to chart patterns.

Speaking of chart patterns, the master. Vivek BajajCo-Founder, StockEdge Involved, “The science of identifying the right stock is time consuming. But there are ways to reduce the time it takes by over 90%. At StockEdge, we’ve been burning through the midnight oil to deliver exactly what a trader should have to save precious time. Labeled Chart Patterns.”

While sharing his thoughts, Mr. Vinay Bagaria, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, StockEdge Add , “We continue to invest our energies in artificial intelligence and research-based quantitative analytics to provide unique solutions for investors and traders. The chart pattern detection algorithm, which we captively created, using multiple layers of statistical analysis, went through multiple iterations before coming out very beautifully. Innovation, reliability and simplicity are the catchphrases. our own.”

Mr. Vineet Patwari, CEO and Co-Founder of StockEdge He looks very optimistic about the new plan, StockEdge Pro when he shares, StockEdge Pro is more than just a chart pattern recognition tool. It will include all the cutting-edge features we are launching in the future. It also includes all the features of the StockEdge Premium plan such as advanced stock sorting and filtering, customizable watchlists and alerts, in-depth company and market data, and much more. No individual stock market investor should miss this game-changing opportunity to become an pro investor with StockEdge Pro.”

Mr. Vineet Bagaria, Head of Data and Research, StockEdge States, StockEdge Pro chart patterns are the culmination of the thoughtful integration of human and artificial intelligence. It was made possible by leveraging the deep expertise of our research team. It is a unique platform that provides actionable insights based on chart patterns. Chart patterns are so powerful because they are the result of the behavior of Iterative human Cognitive and emotional biases such as cost anchoring, recency bias, etc. lead to similar human behavior over time. This, in turn, makes chart patterns so powerful. We are so proud that they have built this unique innovative product that can serve as a boon for all of traders and investors.”

About StockEdge

StockEdge he India Top and fastest growing stock markets and mutual fund research platform, which is mainly based on NSE and BSE data. It helps traders and investors in the Indian stock market make better decisions by providing them with great analytics, visualizations and alerts at the end of the day. It also helps the youth to learn about different aspects of the stock and mutual fund markets through the learning section and at the same time analyze the market data in the best possible way. StockEdge has had 3 million app downloads on the App Store and App Store combined. With over 33,000 reviews, it is one of the most rated apps with a score of 4.5. Most of its users are in the age group of 25-34 years.

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