Swin Cash entered the Hall of Fame as an on-court winner and is now making his way into a NBA front desk

It was impossible for Swin Cash to assess her impact in the real-time world of basketball, as she was focused on winning games, championships, and unsolicited batting attempts to the third grade.

But every now and then, she’ll get a photo she once signed, or a direct message from social media reminding her how much she liked the scene.

“It’s a picture of me looking young as hell, a shot of someone at a boys and girls club with this kid,” Cash told Yahoo Sports. “And now this kid is like a Microsoft VP or something and they remember the experience. You never know who you’re touching.”

kiss her Striking Reaction to the 2021 NBA Draft She became an iconic gif, before taking on a leading role as Vice President with New Orleans PelicansCash’s footprints have been at every level of basketball — culminating with her induction at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend.

She has won multiple gold medals, WNBA championships, and NCAA national championships. Followed by winning at every stop and at every turn, her effervescent personality is sprayed into those environments.

In Connecticut, she helped lead the Husky to a record 39-0 in 2002 before becoming the second pick in the WNBA Draft as a member of the Detroit Shock—perhaps her biggest label.

They went from a 0-13 start in her rookie season to winning her first two WNBA Championships the following season. Nicknamed the “Princess of the Palace” due to her relationship with fans and the Detroit area, she has embraced all sides, known for being as visible as her individual excellence.

“People always say [the phrase]It’s like a movie. Cash said. The city was on fire. It was so much fun.”

Detroit Shock Swain Cash during the 2007 WNBA game against the New York Liberty at Auburn Hills Mansion.  (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Detroit Shock Swain Cash during the 2007 WNBA game against the New York Liberty at Auburn Hills Mansion. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

She was already friends with Detroit Pistons guard Richard Hamilton due to their connection with UConn, and soon after their arrival, they became friends with Chauncey Billups. It wasn’t uncommon to see her at the Pistons or Detroit Lions games over the years, or stopping at the local radio station on a whim.

“I was just a big believer — and I knew you had to buy in the market, as you do with people like interesting and connected people, like inviting people to our games,” Cash said. “This kind of an entire family thing has become more than just a thing.”

Some of the WNBA’s biggest crowds occurred during the 2003 Finals between Shock and Los Angeles Sparks, including a record 22,076 clinch in Game Three. In that series, Cash finished third in scoring, second in rebounding and leading the team in assists.

“We were winning, but we played Detroit style,” Cash said. “People would text and say, ‘I fell in love with the game because I watched you and Diana’ [Nolan]You’ve all been something special. It was a cultural thing.”

While she had an up and down relationship with shock coach Bill Laimbere, a former Pistons coach turned coach, it was a fruitful relationship during their time. She was a two-time All-Star and two-time All-WNBA as well.

“It’s kind of like when you get a family and you have people who understand you and you can agree to disagree. You can make something beautiful,” Cash said. At 22, I could come to the gym and he sat me down and said, “I’ve been hired to do such and such and such, and you are the franchisor.” “

Empowering criticism was something she appreciated, and asking her about employee decisions as a player was something that prepared her for the role she is playing now.

“I had no idea what he was planning inside of me. But he did. So, I respect him a lot,” Cash said. And I said, “Well, that’s what I know about winning.” And that’s what we did in Detroit.”

Before Shock moved to Tulsa, Cash moved to Seattle where she won another championship in 2010 and had more All-Star appearances while being named in WNBA 20th Anniversary Team – And the 25th Anniversary Team – As her career came to an end, she finished with New York Liberty in 2016.

Even with all the awards and a clear resume, she’d never even think about Hall.

“After you play and people start asking you, ‘Oh, you qualify after these many years,’ you start to stick around,” Cash said. “While I was playing it never crossed my mind, not even a bit.”

But it’s now a reality, and as she steps up on the podium to enter the realm of basketball immortality, she’s too unique to finish her basketball journey — it’s just another class because she’s a rising star in the front desk.

“It’s more of my mom’s moment than anyone else’s,” Cash said.

Her mother relies on a motorbike to get around and delays back surgery to watch her daughter being inserted. It was similar to the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece where her mother needed a hip replacement but wanted to support Swain.

“A lot of people could have worn that jacket on me. But what I have in mind is that my mom deserves it,” Cash said. “And then, I think, when I go to give my speech, as I think to whom I give much, much is needed.”

I paid back and forth – cash.

The 2022 Basketball Celebrity Swain Cash speaks at a press conference ahead of Saturday's induction ceremony.  (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

The 2022 Basketball Celebrity Swain Cash speaks at a press conference ahead of Saturday’s induction ceremony. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

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