Sylabs announces the availability of SingularityCE in the EPEL repository

Reno, Nevada, January 11, 2023 – cylabs. RHEL), Scientific Linux, and Rocky Linux).

By being included in the EPEL repository, SingularityCE is now readily available to users of Enterprise Linux distributions, giving developers access to the most advanced and widely used container runtime technology for performance-intensive applications and environments.

Maintained since 2017 as an open source project by Sylabs and a community of developers, Singularity is an advanced container technology designed for users running critical data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and compute-driven analytics on performance-intensive systems. These users need the flexibility to package complex applications and libraries into a single scalable container that can be moved to different system/hardware environments without breaking – and while maintaining security protocols. Singularity’s unique security model, designed to mitigate the risk of privilege escalation in multi-tenant environments with the ability to capture an entire application environment in a single file, makes it an ideal solution for advanced computing workflows.

“Many developers in organizations with performance-intensive computing needs find that the container tools they are familiar with are not designed to meet the needs of larger environments,” said Adam Hughes, Sylabs CTO. “Sylabs is excited to bring SingularityCE to the EPEL repository. It’s now easier than ever for developers using Enterprise Linux to access the powerful container technology that researchers, scientists and engineers at the world’s cutting edge research are using to streamline the movement of their applications across environments, from laptops to cloud environments complex to sophisticated HPC computing systems.

Typically in performance-intensive computing environments, application packages need to be moved across systems for testing and development before moving to the more expensive production environment. Additionally, there are security concerns with these larger shared systems with multi-tenant environments. Standard enterprise container solutions are not designed to handle the many challenges of large-scale environments, causing developers to encounter errors and unplanned delays that affect development speed. Singularity is designed to work with the needs of these environments, enabling high portability with scale-sensitive systems and applications and addressing a range of security concerns while maintaining ease of use.

SingularityCE is available as open source software. Sylabs provides enterprise-level licensing and support, professional services, cloud services, and value-added tools to organizations seeking assistance in deploying containers in performance-intensive computing environments. These services and tools include compliance and risk management, defined product life cycles for planning upgrades and upgrades, an easy onramp process for adoption and system management with per-node authorizations, and long-term stability and reliability support.

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About Sylabs

cylabs is the world’s leading provider of professional tools and services for high-performance container runtime technology. Sylabs makes high-performance computing more accessible to researchers, scientists, and engineers with Singularity, the most advanced open source container runtime technology for performance-intensive applications and environments. As the most active contributor to the Singularity ecosystem, through both community release and professional applications powered by the Sylabs Foundation, Sylabs is dedicated to enabling cutting-edge research and facilitating rapid scientific discovery to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

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