How does artificial intelligence work? How is the technology industry disrupted?

GT main sockets The power of artificial intelligence is evident in our daily lives, from what we see when logging into social media to what we watch on streaming services. We’ll take a look at how AI works and why it’s disrupting the tech industry so much. Google recently had to “code red” when releasing … Read more

AI is actually pretty bland until it becomes actively malicious

Washington • The alien invasion has begun. Some experts say that when AI takes off, it will be like Mars landing on the National Mall. So far, our brain children, as roboticist Hans Moravec called our artificially intelligent offspring, are at the toddler stage, as we are in our newness of creation. They are heading … Read more

Smart technology and artificial intelligence are filling healthcare gaps in rural areas

(News Nation) – There are few hospitals for the 14,000 residents of Atoka County, Oklahoma. There are few primary care physicians to identify illnesses early, pharmacies to manage chronic illnesses or trauma centers for emergencies. If you need to see a specialist, you may have to drive for hours. Atoka County is one of thousands … Read more