‘Our Creepy Lives Are So Controversial’: How the tug-of-war over ‘OneLove’ armbands broke at a World Cup sideshow

CNN – FIFA President Gianni Infantino He pleaded with the states to allow football to take center stage before World Cup in QatarBut it didn’t quite turn out that way. FIFA’s world governing body found itself at odds with seven European nations over the threat of sanctions against any player Wearing a “OneLove” badge during … Read more

Aladdin turns 30: Alan Menken is on the classic animated ride

CNN – It may be hard to believe, but this weekend marks 30 years since the release of “Aladdin” — the animated classic that paved the way for multiple sequels, a live-action reimagining released in 2019 and even a Broadway musical. To mark the occasion, the eight-time Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menckenwho picked up two … Read more

Is AI art really art? This California show says yes

CNN Business – With the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence for image generation, prof question has Hadeer Art World: Can AI create art? At the bitforms show in San Francisco, the answer is yes. An exhibition called Artificial Imagination runs through late December and features works created or inspired by the DALL-E generative AI system … Read more

Opinion: Prom mom takes Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster

Editor’s note: Amy Bass (@ bassab1) is Professor of Mathematical Studies at Manhattanville College and authorOne goal: a coach, a team, and the game that divided the city together” And the “Not Victory, but Struggle: The 1968 Olympics and the Making of the Black Athlete,” among other titles. The opinions expressed herein are her own … Read more

Dave Chappelle on ‘SNL’: A timeline of the controversy over his transgender jokes

CNN – Tonight Dave Chappelle will host “Saturday Night Live” For the third time – an appearance that aroused controversy even before he went on stage. The comedian has sparked growing outrage in recent years for releasing transgender jokes, and outrage increased last fall when Netflix released a Chappelle special, “the closest,” He doubled down … Read more

Take-off memorial: Drake and Justin Bieber among dignitaries celebrate rapper’s life

Atlanta CNN – The State Farm Arena was converted into a church on Friday where family members and fans gathered to celebrate the departure of the land Take off from Migos. The three-hour farewell was a stellar affair, featuring performances from Justin Bieber, Chloe Bailey, and Yolanda Adams, as well as a poem by Drake, … Read more

‘Billie Jean King’ calls white politics ‘awful’ at Wimbledon

CNN – Clothes aren’t just things to keep you warm or cool – they also indicate status, present a challenge, and even relieve anxiety. tennis legend Billie Jean KingClothing allows female tennis players to express their individuality through colors and prints – a right that she fought for with the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) in … Read more

Keri Irving has been suspended by the Brooklyn Nets for ‘failing to disavow anti-Semitism’ after controversy on Twitter

CNN – The Brooklyn Nets announced Thursday a suspension Keri Irvingdays after he tweeted a link to a documentary that was criticized as anti-Semitic and then defended his decision to do so. in a permit On Twitter, the team said they had made repeated attempts to help Irving “understand the harm and danger of his … Read more

Opinion: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s breakup is a lesson in American marriage

Editor’s note: Jill Filippovich is a New York-based journalist and author of “OK Boomer, let’s talk: How my generation was left behind. ” Follow her on Twitter. The opinions expressed in this comment are solely her own. Opinion More opinion on CNN. CNN – You may have heard by now that legendary NFL quarterback Tom … Read more

Brands ran away from Kanye. What about his music career?

New York CNN Business – you – formerly known as Kanye West – It has partnerships with fashion brands including the differenceAnd the Balenciaga And the Adidas After his anti-Semitic comments in recent weeks. Now, the questions remain About the work that helped propel Ye into the fashion world in the first place: music. Since … Read more