College basketball rankings: Kansas State remains #1, but Tennessee, UConn, and Arizona fall

Chaos is glorious, right? Eleven teams ranked in the AP Top 25 lost Saturday. That’s the highest number of drops in a single day since January 2011, according to CBS research guru Andy Tollin. Two more top 25 teams, Kansas And Texas, won at home by two points. It’s not uncommon to see a lot … Read more

NCAA Tournament Bracket Watch: Kansas State, TCU, and Providence Move Big

When we look back, we may remember 2022 as the year when artificial intelligence began its ascent. One major hack: OpenAI’s version of the chat At the end of November. The bot is designed to mimic human conversations but can also write college-level essays, compose song lyrics and answer detailed questions in a split second. … Read more

E’Twaun Moore is building his life after the NBA with the blueprint of his hometown as inspiration

E’Twaun Moore has aspirations for existence Junior Bridgman. It’s not just because they have something in common—both men are from East Chicago, Indiana, and they played in the same school district and were NBA The jobs span more than a decade—but what Moore hopes to share with him, too. After Bridgman left the NBA, he … Read more