AI is actually pretty bland until it becomes actively malicious

Washington • The alien invasion has begun. Some experts say that when AI takes off, it will be like Mars landing on the National Mall. So far, our brain children, as roboticist Hans Moravec called our artificially intelligent offspring, are at the toddler stage, as we are in our newness of creation. They are heading … Read more

Round Table interacting with Auchincloss’ speech written by AI

OTR: Roundtable reacts to Jake Auchincloss’ AI-written speech Updated: 12:48 PM EST on January 29, 2023 Hide text Show text >> It’s time for the Sunday round table. Joining us are Marian Marsh and Republican political analyst >> JAKE BROKE GROUND ON CAPITOL HILL. Here is part of the speech he gave regarding a bill … Read more

Midjourney’s AI-based art generator creates dazzling images from words

Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence has more than its fair share of the “15 minutes of fame” moment (often attributed to Andy Warhol). While the rise of AI and machine learning was a decades long effort, the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT service has sparked things up in a massive way. Midjourney is an AI art … Read more

IBM and the Grand Challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

Alessandro Curione Alessandro Curione Artificial intelligence is back in the news OpenAI’s ChatGPT and image generation systems such as MidJourney and Stable Diffusion have attracted a lot of people who are interested in and talking about advanced AI. Which is a good thing. It wouldn’t be pretty if the transformative changes that would take place … Read more