The combined oral contraceptive pill does not appear to exacerbate symptoms associated with enlarging

Combined oral contraceptives (COCs) that contain both estrogen and progestin do not contribute to enlarged breast growth (macromastia) — nor do they increase the risk of breast regrowth in adolescent girls and young women after breast reduction surgery, according to a study in the October issue. Plastic and reconstructive surgery┬«And the The official medical journal … Read more

Ken Sanders Rare Books adds children’s reading room space at The Leonardo

After decades of writing in Utah – first with a counterculture icon cosmic planeAnd now with his long life, Ken Sanders Rare Books Ken Sanders said he never had a children’s reading space in one of his stores. So far, that is. As he is in the process of moving Ken Sanders’ rare books to … Read more

Reproduce ketamine in rare cases associated with autism

ketamine It may be an effective treatment for children with activity-dependent protective protein (ADNP) syndrome, a rare genetic condition linked to intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder. Also known as Helsmoortel-Van Der Aa syndrome, ADNP syndrome is caused by mutations in ADNP gene. Studies in animal models indicate that low-dose ketamine increases the expression of … Read more