From China to Japan, a deadly cold is gripping East Asia. Experts say it’s the ‘new norm’

Hong Kong CNN – A deadly cold snap sweeping across East Asia has killed at least four people in Japan after sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow wreak havoc on travel over the Lunar New Year holiday, with climate experts warning such extreme weather events are becoming ” The new rule. Japanese officials said all those … Read more

Excess dust in the atmosphere could mask the real effects of climate change

It’s no secret that humans have made major changes to the Earth and its atmosphere. But as greenhouse gases accumulated in the air and the average surface temperature of our planet rose, a less well-known phenomenon occurred. Earth’s atmosphere has become much dustier since the pre-industrial era. And it’s possible that all of these extra … Read more

Carbon Credit Plan Review rejects criticisms as flawed, and recommends changes to improve transparency

An independent review of the government’s carbon credit scheme rejected suggestions that it was fundamentally flawed, but made a series of recommendations to improve its transparency and integrity. the main points: The review found the scheme to be “essentially” well designed when it was first introduced The committee recommended that data related to appropriations be … Read more

Planet in the throes of sixth mass extinction, scientists say, Earth’s wildlife is running out of places to live – 60 min

In what year will the human population grow so great that the earth cannot sustain it? The answer is around 1970, according to research from the World Wildlife Fund. In 1970, the planet’s population of 3 and a half billion people was sustainable. But on New Year’s Day, the population is 8 billion. Today, wild … Read more