Blue Jackets’ Johnny Goudreau returns to Calgary and knows what to expect

Columbus, Ohio – Johnny Goudreau Boos were booed to varying degrees whenever blue jackets Played on the east coast this season. Fans in New Jersey were the loudest, but he also got comets in Philadelphia and Long Island. It is easily explained: demonsAnd Flyers And Islanders They were all considered potential destinations last summer when … Read more

World junior Conor Bedard can tank the NHL in hyperdrive: LeBrun

There seems little doubt that this is the type of possibility and NHL The all-around tank-a-palooza franchise has to go for. There’s always a risk of overreacting to a junior player’s performance in the world, for good and bad, but what we’ve seen so far from Conor Bedard is stunning, from an astonishing 21 points … Read more