UM grad is inspired by history, big data and artificial intelligence | local news

Jenny Lavie UM News Service A fascination with history and the humanities has helped push dual-degree student Kayla Irish to the radical edges of AI research. Her winding path includes history and math degrees, an internship in the nation’s capital, time in the lab designing statistical models, and a deep commitment to the ethical development … Read more

The New Playground: Why We Need to Redesign the Internet to Prioritize Children’s Privacy

Even as data privacy becomes an increasingly prominent regulatory priority in the United States, legislation remains fragmented, making it difficult for companies to adhere to sensitive rules such as those around children’s privacy. Instead, Julie Robach, Senior Privacy Adviser at Sourcepoint, argues that it is best for organizations to incorporate children’s privacy into their strategies … Read more

Europe’s Most Influential Tech Players – Ranked – Politico

Welcome to the post-zoom hangover. if last year Focus on the pervasiveness of technology in our daily lives, and this year’s conversation hinges on finding a workable balance – between security and privacy, between innovation and sustainability, and between risk and responsibility. As the coronavirus pandemic has relinquished (finally, somewhat) center stage, focus has shifted … Read more

AI can help improve consumer safety online

cyber crime oz – As the world becomes more digitized, the risks of cybercrime also increase. One of the biggest challenges in combating cybercrime is that it is constantly evolving, making it difficult for traditional security measures to keep up. This is where artificial intelligence comes in. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, … Read more

Hyundai’s inaugural transition to healthcare: enabling prescription drug delivery

Hyundai Motor Group is a world-renowned automobile company, known for pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. The company owns diverse In a variety of different service lines, including robotics, autonomous driving technology, data analytics, and manufacturing capabilities, to name a few. In 2021 alone Hyundai mentioned Nearly 3.2 million units of sales globally, up … Read more

Survey of more than 800 planet formation disks reveals a surprise in planetary evolution

Is our solar system similar to other solar systems? What do other systems look like? We know from studies of exoplanets that many other systems have hot exoplanets, huge gas giants that orbit near their stars. Is this normal and our solar system is outside? One way to address these questions is to study the … Read more

Luxury customers experience getting a technology upgrade

This article first appeared in The State of Fashion: Technology, an in-depth report co-published by BoF and McKinsey & Company. The digital tools and touch points that have become part of the luxury customer experience, from apps to online channels to virtual reality, are no substitute for face-to-face personal service in physical stores. Instead, they … Read more

Germany’s digital health efforts are faltering. Is the Lauterbach strategy a ticket? – Politico

This article is the product of a Politico working group. Germany may be known for its efficiency, but that is not true when it comes to digitizing its health system. Since 2019, Germany has introduced three major new digital health laws covering everything from electronic patient records to the digitization of its hospitals. But in … Read more