US Concern in Europe – POLITICO

Ivo Daalder, a former US ambassador to NATO, is president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and host of the weekly podcast “World Review with Ivo Daalder.” Spending the past week in Brussels, Berlin and London, meeting with the European Union, NATO and other government officials, I was struck by the pervasive anxiety about … Read more

France plays bad cop as transatlantic trade tensions escalate – Politico

Click play to listen to this article PARIS – US President Joe Biden should take notice. France is resuming its traditional role as Europe’s troublemaker on the transatlantic trade front. It looked as if the bad blood between Brussels and Washington was running low under Biden. Facing a common enemy in China, the European Union … Read more

Musk has a “cool app” plan for Twitter. It’s so mysterious

Elon Musk has a penchant for the letter “X”. He calls his son with singer Grimes, and his real name is a combination of letters and symbols, “X”. He called the company he set up to buy Twitter “X Holdings.” His rocket company is, of course, SpaceX. Now it appears that he also intends to … Read more

Video Interview: Palmer Loki shares VR stories and seeks top Australian tech talent for defense tech Anduril

Guest Interview: With the future of virtual reality successfully restarting, thanks in part to the efforts of Palmer Luckey, who founded Oculus VR in 2012, designed the headset, spearheaded VR input and sold the company to Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion, Luckey set up a pitch His eyes set 2017 on an even more … Read more

NASA collides with a spacecraft in an asteroid, passes the planetary defense test

The asteroid Didymos (top left) and its moon, Demorphos, appear about 2.5 minutes before the impact of NASA’s Dart spacecraft. (NASA/Johns Hopkins APL) LAUREL, Md. ⁠ – NASA on Monday managed to smash a small spacecraft directly into an asteroid, a 14,000-mph collision designed to test whether such technology could one day be deployed to … Read more

McKeown: How Nebraska football begins to clean up the mess caused by frost | College

FIND THE MEDIA ENTRANCE TO AVIVA DUBLIN COURT – You can walk everywhere in Dublin, not feel like you’re going anywhere, and encounter Husker fans most steps of the way. Before Nebraska lost to Northwestern, I spoke with some VIPs off the field. donors. Decision-makers. Someone jokingly asked me to recite a prayer at 5:30pm … Read more