What is a bear market? And is Wall Street close to one now?

New York (AFP) – Wall Street investors need a place to hide. stock market slippage This year it has pulled the S&P 500 Index close to what is known as a bear market. High interest rates and high inflationThe war in Ukraine The slowdown in China’s economy has caused investors to reconsider the prices they … Read more

Fuel is a problem for business and consumers – why prices are so high

A sign displays gas prices at a gas station on May 10, 2022 in San Mateo County, California. Liu Guangan | China News Service | Getty Images It’s impossible to overlook the skyrocketing price of gasoline and right in the head of consumers’ minds as big billboards advertise that gas is now $4, $5 and … Read more

5 things to know before the stock market opens Thursday, May 19

Here are the top news, trends and analysis that investors need to start their trading day: 1. The Dow is set to open lower after its worst day since 2020 on inflation concerns A trader works on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in Manhattan, New York City, US, May 18, … Read more

After the craze for renewables, Vietnam’s solar energy goes to waste | energy

Ninh Thuan, Vietnam – For up to 12 days each month, Tran Nhu Anh Kiet, a supermarket manager in the Ninh Thuan province of Vietnam, is forced to turn off his solar panels during the most lucrative peak hours of sunshine. “I lose an average of 40 percent of production,” Kate told Al Jazeera, referring … Read more

New Zealand distributes additional funds to combat the “inflation storm” | Health, medicine and fitness

By Nick Perry – The Associated Press Wellington, New Zealand (AFP) – The New Zealand government said Thursday it will distribute a few hundred extra dollars to more than two million low-income adults to help them navigate what it describes as the “peak of a global inflation storm”. The payments are part of a package … Read more

Retailers ask Visa and MasterCard to raise fees that could make inflation worse

Last month, the two credit card companies combined some of their exchange rates, or the fees merchants pay with each credit or debit card transaction. These so-called “withdrawal fees” are then paid to the card-issuing bank but are largely invisible to the consumer. However, some retailers claim that the additional fees will force them to … Read more

Explainer: Why is Wall Street so close to a bear market?

New York (AFP) – Bears are heading towards Wall Street. This year’s stock market slump has pushed the S&P 500 index close to what’s known as a bear market. High interest rates, high inflation, the war in Ukraine and a slowing Chinese economy have caused investors to reconsider the prices they are willing to pay … Read more

Stocks drop sharply as target problems renew inflation fears

New York (AFP) – The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged more than 1,100 points and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index saw its biggest drop in nearly two years on Wednesday, as a lack of big profits from Target and other major retailers fueled investor fears. That high inflation could severely reduce corporate profits. The … Read more

You must know what “financial stage” you are in

picture: stock struggle (stock struggle) You may have experienced monthly or yearly fluctuations in your budget and spending (or weekly; Hey, inflation). Sometimes it can feel like you’re holding on to your dear life. But if you’re thinking about a big, long-term picture of your financial well-being, there is an overall structure to help you … Read more

Biden’s burdens are increasing: the global economic slowdown increases the problems of the United States | Health, medicine and fitness

By Josh Bock – The Associated Press Washington (AFP) – As President Joe Biden sets off for Asia Thursday, he faces a new danger at home for the economy and his Democratic Party: The global slowdown caused by the Russian invasion Ukraine and Chinese lockdown pandemic Cities and factories. The global economy cannot throw the … Read more