Signals from the missing gray nurse shark’s markings leave researchers baffled

The movements of a $5,000 satellite tag, originally attached to a gray reef shark, have baffled researchers tracking and studying the endangered species off Australia’s east coast. the main points: The tracking marks came off two of the sharks prematurely In one case, researchers suspect, a fisherman accidentally caught the shark and removed its tag … Read more

It was believed that this butterfly is extinct. Now off the endangered species list

CNN – the Fender blue butterfly Flutter away from the brink of extinction. This species, which was once thought to be extinct, is no longer considered endangered. According to a January 11 press release from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The organization has reclassified the species from “endangered” to “threatened” and has also completed … Read more

40 feet of endangered sperm washes ashore in Oregon

A 40-foot whale was found dead along the Oregon coast on Saturday after its carcass washed ashore along a stretch of beach at Fort Stephens State Park, officials said. The whale was found near the park’s flagship Peter Iredale shipwreck and belongs to an endangered species of marine mammal, Seaside Aquarium writes in Facebook Last … Read more