Former Fed Chairman Robert Heller on why we need to stop raising interest rates now

font size The money supply is declining in absolute terms. Additional tightening by the US Federal Reserve risks triggering a recession, writes Robert Heller. El Drago/Bloomberg About the author: Robert Heller He is a former member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Inflation is the most important issue facing the economy … Read more

Inflation has not yet been overcome | Barron

Did Dr. Pangloss have a Ph.D. in economics? It seems so. in Voltaire CandideAnd Dr. Pangloss He declared himself the best of all possible worlds, despite the evidence around him. And sure enough, things are getting better, and the markets and media are increasingly in agreement, at least as far as inflation is receding. But … Read more

The United States needs rapid growth: the Fed is against it

Rapid economic growth solves problems. Slow growth causes them. China is trying to accelerate growth again after the Xi debacle COVID-related bugs While the Federal Reserve raises interest rates and puts pressure on the brakes to fight inflation. China’s commitment to growth while the Fed goes in the opposite direction should worry Americans deeply. Rapid … Read more