Opinion: The gates are open for grandparents to grandchildren’s huge college savings

If you’re a grandparent looking to salvage the situation by helping your grandchildren pay for college, take a second look at the tax-advanced 529 college savings plan before the end of the year. rule changes To accounts for federal financial aid in 2023 means that new investment opportunities are open for family members to help … Read more

I’m a flight attendant, I’m 61 and I want to retire at 70. I’m going to get a $900 pension a month and I’ll get Social Security, but I only have $150,000 in my 401(k). Should I get professional help?

This hostess is looking for financial help from a counselor, but how should she choose the right person? Getty Images A question: I think I need a financial advisor. I am 61 years old and plan to retire at 70. I am a flight attendant and will have a pension of just over $900 a … Read more

Tense markets need an active Washington. They’re getting a Gridlock.

font size In today’s polarized political climate, President Biden’s loss of a majority in Congress could lead to long delays in responding appropriately to the economic and financial market problems in the coming year. Samuel Corum / Getty Images About the author: Desmond Lackman He is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. He … Read more

US job opportunities rose in September in the still tight labor market

U.S. job opportunities rose in September as demand for workers continued to outpace the number of unemployed people looking for work, a sign of the continued tight labor market. Total employment for employers rose by 437,000 to 10.7 million seasonally-adjusted jobs in September from 10.3 million upwardly-adjusted jobs the previous month, the Labor Department said … Read more

More children are being screened for mental health issues. But then what?

Child mental health screenings are expanding across the country. But as more children are identified as needing help, families can have a tough time getting help from already stretched resources. a mental health crisis Among children and teens who have been fermenting for years that have worsened as routines have been disrupted in the pandemic … Read more

Treasury sold $3.4 billion of I bonds this week as investors flock to a 9.62% stake.

October 28 is the last opportunity for investors to buy I Bonds which yield an interest rate of 9.62%. However, increased demand for inflation-adjusted bonds has overwhelmed TreasuryDirect and the Treasury He said he couldn’t guarantee that orders would be completed right on time. Many investors have managed to overcome the problems of time and … Read more

Opinion: This easy and free iPhone hack might be the most important estate planning step you take

You might think that the most valuable things you have on your iPhone to leave behind after you die are your photos that you (hopefully) backup in the cloud. But take two minutes to set up an old contact for your mobile device. This simple and free step can make a huge difference to your … Read more

Internet trolls linked to China are trying to stoke divisions in the US midterm, researchers say

Online trolls linked to China are trying to fuel division and political discord in the United States ahead of the November midterm elections, suggesting that Beijing is interested in interfering in American politics after largely abstaining from voting during previous contests, according to researchers at the alphabet a company google unit. The efforts, which also … Read more

Rishi Sunak wins the vote to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after the resignation of Liz Truss

LONDON – Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who warned that Liz Truss’ economic plans for Britain were a “fairy tale”, He won the contest for success as prime minister on Monday, capturing the world’s sixth largest economy at a time of deep financial and political turmoil. Former Defense Secretary Penny Mordaunt has said that Mr Sunak … Read more

Tesla cuts prices in China as costs fall and competition intensifies

Hong Kong – Tesla a company TSLA -4.60% Reduced prices of cars sold in China, days after the CEO Elon Musk He said most material costs are declining amid increased competition from local competitors. The prices of popular Tesla Model Y and 3 sold in China, the world’s largest electric vehicle market, have been reduced … Read more