A study published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)/Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) wrongly imagines that computing in automated cars will emit a lot of carbon. Relax, it’s not likely.

A coal or gas power plant is the last place a self-driving electric car will want to buy power Getty Images a Study by MIT grad-student IEEE’s Soumya Sudhakar has been getting some press recently for claiming that a large fleet of self-driving cars in the distant future could cause as much greenhouse gas emissions … Read more

Excess dust in the atmosphere could mask the real effects of climate change

It’s no secret that humans have made major changes to the Earth and its atmosphere. But as greenhouse gases accumulated in the air and the average surface temperature of our planet rose, a less well-known phenomenon occurred. Earth’s atmosphere has become much dustier since the pre-industrial era. And it’s possible that all of these extra … Read more

Carbon Credit Plan Review rejects criticisms as flawed, and recommends changes to improve transparency

An independent review of the government’s carbon credit scheme rejected suggestions that it was fundamentally flawed, but made a series of recommendations to improve its transparency and integrity. the main points: The review found the scheme to be “essentially” well designed when it was first introduced The committee recommended that data related to appropriations be … Read more