The best startups are caught in Britain

The International Monetary Fund tends to the United Kingdom fall into a slumpInflation remains high, and there is an appreciable gloom about the UK’s economic prospects. One bright spot stands out though: the UK’s growth as a hub for startups and entrepreneurship. The amount invested in British startups has grown exponentially over the past decade, … Read more

Firms in which workers are most likely to become founders

You always have to start somewhere. In the case of many successful startup founders, this means working a day job before they are ready to launch their new business. So, what are the best places to work for future founders? Several big-name companies top the list, according to New report From small business lending platform … Read more

It was easy to trade Hollywood stardom for NASCAR, says Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz doesn’t mind if you still think of him as Malcolm, the wise-cracking main character of the hit sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle,” which, during its seven seasons, made him an international star. But since the show ended in 2006, Muniz’s career has him spending less time in Hollywood and more time pursuing other … Read more

A 26-year-old founded a medical startup – the same year he lost nearly half of his sight

Kevin Choi, CEO of Medi Whale, said he firmly believes his diagnosis was “no coincidence.” Medioil As a ROK Marine who underwent grueling training as part of his national service, Kevin Choi had “no doubt” about his health. “I’m very nearsighted, but I still think I’m very healthy,” Choi told CNBC Make It. But that … Read more

A profitable side business from 2022 takes less than 15 hours per week

It’s too soon to call 2022 the year of the side hustle: Research shows that more Americans are likely to start their own businesses in 2023. According to him, two out of five Americans created or maintained at least one additional source of income in 2022. scan from Harris Poll and Zapier workflow integration. That’s … Read more

The ten best technology books of 2022

Library in Chaoyang, China VCG via Getty Images As 2023 begins, here’s a look back at my thoughts on the best tech books from 2022. These books enlighten readers about the role of microchips in geopolitics, the trials and tribulations, the growth of the venture capital industry, thoughts on the United States in the world, … Read more

5 invaluable lessons for first-time entrepreneurs

opinions expressed Entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. way to leading businesses Not as glamorous as what’s portrayed on the #entrepreneur side of Instagram. The formula for success does not contain any planes, fancy clothes, or cars, but rather a lot of daring and conviction. company growth From a team of 2 to 30 people they faced … Read more

After a job offer was canceled, this millennial launched his own company

After months of frustrating dead ends looking for a job, Marquel Turner Gilchrist takes matters into his own hands and becomes an accidental entrepreneur. In the spring of 2022, the 35-year-old was looking for work as a luxury fashion strategist and had a number of promising interviews with a social trading company. But a few … Read more