What’s new in Prime Video in February 2023

do you remember Carnival RowThis Prime video shows that, as far as you can remember, he was like a brave fairy procedural or something, and you’re pretty sure it starred Orlando Bloom and Kara Delevingne? You probably don’t, considering the first season was released nearly four years ago. Well, she’s back! Yay? Carnival Row Season … Read more

All types of erasers (and when to use them)

picture: Drowsiness modes (stock struggle) Your mother told you, “Everyone makes mistakes.” “This is why pencils have erasers.” But have I ever told you how different they are Species of erasers out there? If you think there is only a file OnePink men found in Pencil end or wedge shape—you’re, well, wrong. There are a … Read more

Don’t let SMART fitness goals stop you from dreaming big

picture: duet band g (stock struggle) If you had big aspirations for 2023—a big deadlift, a marathon, a change in your body size—I’m sure you didn’t translate those aspirations into the limited fail-the-box check of the SMART goal. but me an act I hope you’ve set yourself some SMART goals to guide you through the … Read more