World Cup: Football fans stopped by security officials for wearing rainbow items as LGBTQ rights issue won’t go away in Qatar 2022

Doha, Qatar CNN – The World Cup is in full swing Qatar, But issues around LGBTQ+ rights for the Gulf state, world soccer’s governing body FIFA, teams and fans aren’t going away. Two German soccer fans told CNN on Saturday that they were asked by security officials at Qatar 2022 to remove the rainbow-colored items … Read more

‘Our Creepy Lives Are So Controversial’: How the tug-of-war over ‘OneLove’ armbands broke at a World Cup sideshow

CNN – FIFA President Gianni Infantino He pleaded with the states to allow football to take center stage before World Cup in QatarBut it didn’t quite turn out that way. FIFA’s world governing body found itself at odds with seven European nations over the threat of sanctions against any player Wearing a “OneLove” badge during … Read more

Syed Asim Munir: Pakistan names former intelligence chief as new army chief

Islamabad, Pakistan CNN – Pakistan On Thursday, former intelligence chief Lieutenant-General Syed Asim Munir was named army chief in the South Asian country, ending weeks of speculation over an appointment that comes amid a heated debate over the military’s influence on public life. Munir, the country’s top general and former head of the Internal Intelligence … Read more

COP27: Summit approves climate fund ‘for loss and damage’ in historic deal

Sharm Alsheikh, Egypt CNN – Delegates from nearly 200 countries at the COP27 climate summit agreed to create a Loss and Damage Fund aimed at helping vulnerable countries cope with climate disasters, in a landmark deal early Sunday morning in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. But while the deal represents a breakthrough in a contentious negotiating process, … Read more

Gianni Infantino launched an explosive tirade against Western pundits on the eve of the World Cup

Doha, Qatar CNN – eve World Cup 2022 In Qatar, FIFA President Gianni Infantino launched his tirade against Western critics of FIFA Controversial tournament in an explosive monologue for an hour. Infantino, chairman of FIFA’s governing body, looked gloomy as he addressed hundreds of journalists in Doha, Qatar, on Saturday. “We have received many lessons … Read more

The arrest of the sister of the Iranian wrestler, Naveed Afkari, who was executed, and an official news outlet described her as a “client”

CNN – Iranian officials said they identified the “Iran International Agent” who was arrested on Thursday as Ilham Afkari, the sister of the famous Iranian wrestler. Naveed AfkariWho was executed two years ago, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency of Iran. London based news channel Iran International It has become one of the go-to … Read more

Pakistani Imran Khan said three bullets were taken from his right leg

CNN – Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said three bullets were taken from his right leg The bullet you hit last week. Khan survived the shooting of a political rally in Gujranwala on Thursday, an accident His party called for an assassination attempt. In an interview with CNN’s Becky Anderson on Monday, Khan said, … Read more

Israeli elections: Netanyahu looks to return as voters head to the polls in fifth elections in four years

Jerusalem CNN – Israelis go to the polls For the unprecedented fifth time in four years on Tuesday, as Israel Hold another national election aimed at ending the country’s ongoing political impasse. For the first time in 13 years, ex Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Not occupying the position of the incumbent. Bibi, as he is … Read more

Big American bankers worry more about the world than they do about a recession

London CNN Business – Some of the big names on Wall Street believe a recession in the US is now likely, if not inevitable. But they have bigger fears on their minds. c. B. Morgan Chase (JPM) Executive Director Jimmy Damon On Tuesday, he said he was more concerned about global geopolitics than about slowing … Read more

Iran protests: The barrier of fear has been broken. The system may be at the point of no return

CNN – A woman dressed in black raises a framed picture of her son, Siavash Mahmoudi, into the air as she walks on the sidewalk in the Iranian capital, Tehran. I am not afraid of anyone. They told me to shut up. I won’t be,” the woman seen in a video on social media exclaimed, … Read more