Broadcasting versus cable and satellite: Sports viewers and the evolving puzzles of television

The area on the tennis court midway between the baseline and the net is called “no man’s land”, and it is an area where players usually do not want to find themselves – too far away to hit the ball easily, too close to use groundstrokes on successful returns. This might be a rough description … Read more

The Pulse: MLB Expansion, LeBron Milestones and NBA Trade Deadlines Gossip

Start each morning with The Pulse in your inbox. Register here. good morning! Be like Jacob Poeltel today. expansion Portland? Nashville? The expansion of baseball is happening. Commissioner Rob Manfred wants it. Cities want teams. It should be a reality soon. The Athletic’s baseball team has been doing some great work this week, highlighting potential … Read more

MLB’s Top 12 remaining agents and the best team to match

As teams compile their rosters and prepare for the start of spring training, let’s review the free agent landscape for the best options for filling needs and providing depth. Here are the top 12 remaining free agents (plus a few names to watch) and my view on the best team to suit each player, based … Read more

MLB sets a new revenue record, topping $10.8 billion for 2022

Major League Baseball achieved financial success in 2022, propelling itself to a new record for … [+] Revenues. (Photo by Steve Chambers/Getty Images) Getty Images Major League Baseball has achieved financial success in 2022, propelling itself to a new revenue record. After two years of revenue being negatively affected by the pandemic, the baseball business … Read more

Carlos Correa and the Twins accelerate talks as the deal with the Mets remains in limbo

The possibility of an amazing meeting between Carlos Correa and twins Team sources said Monday night is increasing. with the Mega deal case agreed with New York Mets Last unresolved month, the Twins were suddenly back in the mix for a free agent. Two club sources said on Monday that talks between the twins and … Read more