Kirstie Alley, star of Cheers and films including Look Who’s Talking, dies at 71

CNN – Actress Kirstie Alley, a star of the big and small screens best known for her Emmy-winning role on “Cheers” and films like “Look Who’s Talking,” has died after a brief battle with cancer, as her children True and Lillie Parker announced. Social media. She was 71 years old. “We are saddened to inform … Read more

Aladdin turns 30: Alan Menken is on the classic animated ride

CNN – It may be hard to believe, but this weekend marks 30 years since the release of “Aladdin” — the animated classic that paved the way for multiple sequels, a live-action reimagining released in 2019 and even a Broadway musical. To mark the occasion, the eight-time Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menckenwho picked up two … Read more

Perfect bastard in Inisherin bushes

A few years ago during a discussion Inside Llewyn DavisA friend of mine said, “Every movie should have a magical cat.” Those words, oddly enough, have stuck in my mind almost as well as the movie itself (and it’s one of my favorites). “Magic cat” is one of the most succinct statements I’ve ever heard, … Read more

Margot Robbie is Barbie Nobody: The “Babylon” star of sailing in Hollywood

When I met her, Robbie had just finished David O’s press tour. contact Amsterdam, A quirky movie set in the 1930s where she starred opposite Christian Bale and John David Washington. Russell is known for, shall we say, capacitor Nature in a group. For starters, he made Amy Adams cry while doing this American blackmail … Read more

Andor expertly balances storytelling with Star Wars fan service

picture: Lucasfilm / Disney As you know, I am a big star Wars obsessed. And one of my favorite things about star Wars The media are all little references and Easter eggs are everywhere. But sometimes fan service gets past that story and derails it in a way that makes non-fans alienate or bored. Andorthe … Read more

AMC Entertainment (AMC) Earnings for the Third Quarter of 2022

AMC Entertainment On Tuesday, it announced another quarterly loss despite higher revenue than a year ago, as it spent more on operating costs. The world’s largest movie theater chain is facing a massive debt load, diluting its inventory, and a short film release schedule. While the summer box office was strong, August and September were … Read more

Zack Ward Reveals His Favorite Memory From Making ‘A Christmas Story’ And Why The Sequel Is Totally Good

Just in time for Christmas comes a sequel to nostalgia Christmas storyAnd the Where we happily meet the idealistic bully Scott Farkus, (zach take), and the other boys who captured our hearts, who became adult men. christmas story, christmas, Coming to HBO Max, it gives us one more reason to rejoice that the original movie … Read more

Keri Irving has been suspended by the Brooklyn Nets for ‘failing to disavow anti-Semitism’ after controversy on Twitter

CNN – The Brooklyn Nets announced Thursday a suspension Keri Irvingdays after he tweeted a link to a documentary that was criticized as anti-Semitic and then defended his decision to do so. in a permit On Twitter, the team said they had made repeated attempts to help Irving “understand the harm and danger of his … Read more

Can Superman perform the DCEU?

Henry Cavill as Superman in man of steel.picture: Warner Bros. If the last moments of black Adam Are any indication, the future of the DC Universe on the big screen may be linked to an iconic figure from DC’s turbulent past. In fact, much about Black Adam says that the final stage of marketing for … Read more

AMC Entertainment stock fell to a 52-week low

AMC 25 theaters premiered in Times Square in New York on Tuesday, July 8, 2014. Richard Levine | Corbis News | Getty Images AMC Entertainment It hit a new 52-week low on Wednesday as the movie and theater company struggled with a massive debt burden, diluting its inventory and a short film release schedule. Shares … Read more