Top 10 new movies and shows coming soon

during Netflix campaigns All Quiet on the Western Front For Best Picture — a must-see movie if you want to show off to your friends about seeing all the nominees — the streaming device has a few of the coziest new shows and movies coming out this month. Well, except You are. Anyone watching You … Read more

Nick Kyrgios talks about “drinking every night” early in his career

Tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios said his life was “spinning out of control” early in his career. The 2022 Wimbledon finalist opened up about his mental health struggles and past drinking habits in the 10-part Netflix series. Tennis Documentary, “Break Point” which follows the sport’s most talented players. Episode 1 centers around Kyrgios, who has … Read more

Netflix OBX Ferry to Chapel Hill NC Wildlife Social Media

We won’t soon forget when Geography North Carolina was slayed on Netflix a few years ago. Nope, there is still no ferry from the Outer Banks to Chapel Hill, eg The Outer Banks adventure writers would have us believe. But a slip is always good for a laugh on social media, and the North Carolina … Read more

Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter accuses Harry and Meghan of stealing his words to make millions

Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter stormed out to Harry and Meghan, accusing them of “stealing” the statesman’s words and using his name to “make millions.” Ndelica Mandela, 57, has slammed the Sussexes over the Netflix documentary Live To Lead, in which the pair use footage of an anti-apartheid campaigner leaving prison in 1990. “This is inspired by … Read more

‘Kaleidoscope’ on Netflix Review: The first great series of 2023

kaleidoscopelike its namesake Fractals Explosion, has a lot of pretty things to look at — and I don’t mean just that Jai Courtneyan elite heist team banded together to break into a bank vault for $7 billion in life. The latest version of Netflix limited series, which launched on January 1, is intentionally designed with … Read more