Meghan and Prince Harry ‘brought a private photographer to Buckingham Palace without the Queen’s permission’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been accused of taking a private photographer to Buckingham Palace to take pictures without the late queen’s permission. It comes after a behind-the-scenes photo aired on Netflix in a trailer for the couple’s new documentary, which shows a series of black and white photos taken at their Frogmore … Read more

Tim Burton’s Netflix series Woke mob criticized Wednesday for portraying black actors as bullies

Woke mob slams Tim Burton’s smash hit Netflix Addams Family reboot Wednesday for portraying black actors as bullies and owner of PILGRIM theme park Some social media users called Tim Burton’s hit Netflix series on Wednesday racist for portraying black actors as bullies. The show features black actors Joy Sunday as mean girl Bianca Barkley … Read more

The disturbing truth of the Texas Fields murders revealed in a Netflix documentary

The glut of modern true crime is, at its core, a depressing reflection on a world steeped in cruelty and injustice. Not surprisingly, then, Crime scene: Texas Killing Fields It is a picture of both series of Confusing killings and the endless misery they caused to the families and loved ones of the victims, who … Read more

Seismic shifts in international data markets demand an update of broadband Internet policy

Through the parallel internet, platforms have driven seismic shifts in global data flows. GT The global policy movement to improve connectivity and bridge the digital divide has generated reports on international data markets and associated regulatory policies. The papers sometimes introduce confusing terms: usage, transitivity, gaze, and association. Each term has a specific meaning and … Read more

The Addams Family got a Gen Z twist — and Tim Burton got his magic back — The Irish Times

The Addams Family has its origins in a 1930s New Yorker comic by Charles Addams (hence the name). But for Irish audiences, they’d be better known by Superdroll Movies from the 90sfeaturing Anjelica Huston as grieving mother Morticia Addams and Christina Ricci as her soul-fading daughter, Wed. The spirit of those flashy movies gets a … Read more

Netflix’s latest horror series ‘1899’ from the makers of ‘Dark’ is Trippy Mindf*ck

dark It was a Netflix site bone An original and exciting seriesa Epic time travel puzzle box About grief, loss and regret. Show creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar not to shy away from this triumph model 1899another multi-character head-turning affair that piles mystery upon mystery to a bewildering degree. It’s hard to come … Read more

Enola Holmes 2 movie review: Millie Bobby Brown’s charming series is a jewel in Netflix’s polluted crown

Always surprising, substantively rich, and bolstered by a lively central performance that lifts some of the slower bits, Enola Holmes 2 is a rare supplement that doesn’t takeThe bigger is the better. Instead, it doubles down on what made the first movie breath fresh air in the pandemic era in the first place. Netflix probably … Read more

Shonda Rhimes, other creators are unhappy with the new Netflix ads in the middle of the video

Shonda Rhimes attended the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on March 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. Presley Ann | Patrick McMullan | Getty Images Shonda Rhimes, the lead producer behind “Bridgerton” and “Inventing Anna,” is among a number of software makers, creators, and writers who have expressed their displeasure with the NetflixIsrael’s decision to … Read more

Former OneTaste teacher slams lawsuit for trying to stop release of Netflix documentary Orgasm Inc

former member of One Test He says a recent lawsuit trying to stop the release of a Netflix documentary about the ‘Orgasm Meditation’ group may be nothing more than an attempt to silence its victims, some of whom He accused the company of operating like a cult. Attorney Paul Nicholas Boylan filed the lawsuit against … Read more