59 people were killed in a suicide bombing at a mosque in Pakistan, and more than 150 others were wounded

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — A suicide bomber blew up a crowded mosque inside a police compound in Pakistan on Monday, causing the roof to collapse and killing at least 59 people and wounding more than 150, officials said. Most of the victims were police officers. It was not clear how the attacker managed to infiltrate … Read more

A Pakistani cricketer is embroiled in a bizarre online sex scandal

Pakistan captain Babar Azam has been embroiled in a bizarre online sex scandal after a few of his videos and screenshots. WhatsApp chats have been leaked online. ‘Leaked’ videos and screenshots of his chats caused a Twitter storm, with a section of netizens claiming that Babar Azam was sexting a girlfriend One of his teammates … Read more