EU countries prepare to pressure commission to renegotiate coronavirus vaccine contracts – POLITICO

Polish officials are preparing a letter asking the Commission to redraw existing coronavirus vaccine purchase agreements after an informal meeting of health ministers from a number of European Union countries on Wednesday. A Slovak diplomat said his country plans to support Poland’s efforts. at public statement On Thursday, the Bulgarian Ministry of Health also said … Read more

What we know so far – Politico

Just when the world thought it was done with the worst of COVID did another virus outbreak alarm scientists. Cases of monkeypox are being investigated in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the United States and Canada. What worries experts is the unusual spread of the disease. Monkeypox virus usually spreads in … Read more

Germany’s digital health efforts are faltering. Is the Lauterbach strategy a ticket? – Politico

This article is the product of a Politico working group. Germany may be known for its efficiency, but that is not true when it comes to digitizing its health system. Since 2019, Germany has introduced three major new digital health laws covering everything from electronic patient records to the digitization of its hospitals. But in … Read more

Establishing principles for future care for people living with systemic lupus erythematosus – POLITICO

A case for change: the debilitating burden of lupus1 We understand the burden of lupus more than ever, with many projects underway around the world looking to identify the barriers faced by people with lupus. Lupus, a complex and chronic autoimmune disease, causes the immune system to attack healthy tissues and affects an estimated 5 … Read more