Maureen Callahan: What was it about Harry that turned you into a laughing stock?

Sometimes it may be better, Machiavelli wrote, to be afraid than to love. Prince Harry certainly hoped his diary would strike fear into the hearts of Buckingham Palace. But what did he probably not expect? To become a global laughing stock. During this, his late mother’s memory shrinks. Suffering from crashing approval ratings. Space shuttles … Read more

Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter accuses Harry and Meghan of stealing his words to make millions

Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter stormed out to Harry and Meghan, accusing them of “stealing” the statesman’s words and using his name to “make millions.” Ndelica Mandela, 57, has slammed the Sussexes over the Netflix documentary Live To Lead, in which the pair use footage of an anti-apartheid campaigner leaving prison in 1990. “This is inspired by … Read more