Five bucket-list luxury lodges for wildlife lovers

All extant giraffes were once considered a single species, although recent research suggests this is the case … [+] There may be eight different types. Kim Chim Safari With the travel industry approaching pre-pandemic strength, there’s no better time than the present to plan the ultimate vacation list—and for serious animal lovers, there’s a treasure … Read more

It was believed that this butterfly is extinct. Now off the endangered species list

CNN – the Fender blue butterfly Flutter away from the brink of extinction. This species, which was once thought to be extinct, is no longer considered endangered. According to a January 11 press release from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The organization has reclassified the species from “endangered” to “threatened” and has also completed … Read more

Wildlife claws help mark the past

Missoula – The wildlife we ​​see around us today can help scientists figure out what prehistoric animals might have been up to. This edition of A Wilder View examines why looking into the claws of our wildlife helps define the past. Pretty much every animal you see has claws or nails and wildlife use these … Read more

Ticks in migratory animals, invasive species, increased human-wildlife disease transmission

According to experts, as more tick-carrying animals migrate north, invasive species are more likely to appear and there is an increase in human-wildlife interactions, which helps diseases spread more quickly. For example, increased contact between people and wildlife, such as ticks, increases the risk of disease transmission. In Canada, there is a low but not … Read more