Darlings actor Vijay Verma ‘To Shah Rukh Khan Nahi Hai’ was told during the conflict: ‘Today SRK has hired me for his movie’

the actor Vijay Verma He says his story is a classic underdog tale, going from a wide-eyed boy with dreams who ran away from his home and headed to Mumbai to finally become an actor. In this interview with Indianexpress.comVijay opens up about how he navigated a stage when he didn’t have much work before … Read more

Alia Bhatt rises to the challenge

There are some things thatdear‘, the film which brings domestic violence to the fore, is absolutely true, and perhaps most striking is the way in which it has created the couple – a husband who continues to beat his wife; and a wife who still believes, in a curdling mixture of hope and despair, that … Read more