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Morgan Riddle, Netflix Girlfriend breaking point star Taylor Fritzhas taken the tennis world by storm since she started dating the American in 2020. Riddle has helped bring the sport to the masses through her social media channels, especially TikTok.

What people may not know is that she has no tennis background whatsoever.

“I didn’t know anything. Literally nothing. I knew who Federer was. I didn’t even know who Nadal was. This is no joke,” Riddle told ATPTour.com. I literally knew nothing about it. But I know a lot now. I would consider myself a tennis expert at this point, I really would.”

Riddle is from Minnesota where she grew up with another sport: hockey.

“My whole family plays hockey. My sister played college hockey, and my dad played college hockey,” Riddle said. “Going to tennis matches was very different from that. Show hockey games in boots and sweatshirts as you sip beer. It’s a completely different atmosphere from tennis.”

The social media influencer was a lifestyle contributor before she started dating Fritz. Riddle will create content including giveaway tip reports for outlets including NBC Boston and NBC Chicago Today. She enjoyed helping Fritz push tennis into the mainstream, which is something they hope to do breaking point You will be done.

“I always thought it was very hot. Ever since Taylor and I started dating one of the things he’s always said to me is that pretty much his main goal besides being a top player is to make tennis more popular in the States honestly anything we can do to work from Yeah,” Riddle said. “I kind of helped him with that or I was involved in his mission to do that, so I think the show is going to enforce that. We hope to see that.”

According to Riddle, people who grow up playing or watching tennis understand things like scoring and etiquette as second nature. For someone like her who knew nothing about the sport a few years ago, there was a learning curve.

“Like making noise or clapping between first serve and second serve. If I were going to my first tennis match, how would I know that?” Riddle said. “I didn’t, so I had to pick up on those little things of etiquette that are really impossible to tell if you’ve never attended a tournament or you’ve never seen a tennis match in your life.

These were probably the first things I picked up. Then learn the 30-Love 15 scoring system. What does that mean? I have no idea. This in itself took me a month. I was really confused.”

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There are also week-to-week aspects of life to get used to. Not every tournament is the same and the atmosphere can be different.

“Some tournaments are more informal, but this is more like day and night than any time Wimbledon It is,” Riddle said. “It’s a different experience than most popular American sports.”

Another thing Riddle learned was the number of highs and lows the sport had. Last season was the best of Fritz’s career, winning his first ATP Masters 1000 title in Indian Wells and qualifying for the Nitto ATP Finalsbut each week one singles player and one doubles team lift the trophy.

“[He gets over the tough moments] pretty quick. You have to. You can’t really hold onto it. Obviously if he loses a bad match to someone he wasn’t supposed to lose to, he’s going to carry over into the rest of the night,” Riddle said. “But you have to train the next morning, so you can’t let it get you down for too long. I think players need to recover well from disappointment or losses because otherwise they’re going to be miserable all the time.”

What should fans know about Fritz off the field in order for them to know about the American at his breaking point?

“He loves playing golf, he’s very confident. As shy as he is, he’s very, very confident in who he is, his game and his ability and his potential,” Riddle said.

She added, “He’s very shy, very introverted, and definitely a homebody.

“You can still see it sometimes, even in the press and stuff. You can see how shy he is. I think you would be able to tell on the show that he’s more introverted than most, but he’s endearing in a way, too.”

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