The art collector wouldn’t give up fighting with DIA over a Van Gogh painting

A Brazilian art collector is not giving up his fight to recover a Vincent van Gogh painting that he claims was stolen from him years ago, then ended up in the Detroit Institute of Arts.

In US District Court on Monday, the art collector’s attorney, Aaron Phelps, filed his notice of appeal over a judge’s order that dismissed a lawsuit against the Department of the Interior last week. The two-page notice did not provide any details of the appeal, except to note that an appeal was filed in the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Phelps represents art collector Gustavo Sutter, who has sued the Department of the Interior in federal court, hoping the judge will order the Detroit Museum to turn over his painting. But the judge refused and dismissed the case, with the DIA arguing that the painting is protected from seizure by nearly 60 years of federal law.

The case concerns an 1888 painting known as “The Novel Reader” that was on display at the museum as part of its “Van Gogh in America” ​​exhibition, which opened in October 2022 and closed on Sunday. More than 200,000 art lovers visited the exhibition, which celebrated a century since DIM became the first American museum to purchase a Van Gogh artwork in 1922. The unprecedented collection of 74 Van Gogh pieces is from more than 50 international sources, including The official Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, attracting visitors from all over the world.

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