The best fictional planets in TV shows

Thanks to some of TV’s most epic sci-fi shows and space operas, fans can explore gorgeous, iconic fantasy planets with breathtaking visuals and incredible alien species and cultures. These amazing shows transport their fans to some of the most literal planets in TV history while also taking them on exciting adventures.

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Although many of the planets in the TV series are inspired by Earth and other real-life planets, fans can also explore truly unique worlds and their own unique creatures, architecture, and fauna. Over the years, great sci-fi shows have introduced sci-fi fans to some of the most iconic and memorable fantasy planets ever.

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7 Planet Station – Foundation

The city of the station in the incorporation

planet station is EstablishmentIt is the most important planet and is also the farthest from the center of the galaxy occupied by humans. Due to its location, the planet Terminus hardly has any stars, and since it is mostly covered in water, its capital Terminus is built on one large island on the planet.

Establishment It is one of the newer science fiction shows based on Isaac Asimov Establishment The series of science fiction novels, and just like in the novel, fans get the chance to explore multiple fictional planets all across their vast galaxy. Its story follows the adventures of a mathematician, Harry, and his followers, as they try to preserve their culture as the Galactic Empire collapses.

6 Planet Unit – Rick and Morty

Planet unit in Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is one of the best cartoons of the 2000s with hilarious stories and some of the most amazing and weird planets in the history of TV shows. While fans got a chance to visit some fun planets, the most memorable of the show was Planet Unity.

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Planet Unity has been completely absorbed by Rick’s former lover Unity: a humanoid atom capable of taking forms of any kind. It is one of the few planets in it Rick and Morty It was properly explored, so viewers had the opportunity to learn about its unique world and the aggressive blue aliens that inhabit it.

5 Planet Gallifrey – Doctor Who

The castle in Doctor Who

over the decades, doctor who Fans have met many different versions of the Doctor; Each has its own unique personality. The one thing they all have in common is that they all take viewers on fun adventures to distant planets. While the Doctor has visited many different worlds over the decades, Gallifrey is probably the most famous fictional planet in the show.

Unfortunately, Planet Gallifrey was destroyed during the war, but this beautiful place was once home to the Doctor and all of the Time Lords. Gallifrey is also one of the oldest planets of fictional TV shows since the classic BBC show has been on and off since 1963.

4 Planet Kobol – Battlestar Galactica

Planet Kobol in Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica It introduced fans to more than a dozen planets but the main one is Cobol. Planet Kobol is humanity’s home planet in this series. Originally, Kobol was a prosperous planet led by the Thirteen Tribes who had to abandon it due to a disaster that destroyed Kobolian society.

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That’s when the thirteen tribes decide to leave Kobol and colonize dozens of planets, one of which is planet Earth. Although Kobol had been completely abandoned and lifeless for thousands of years, it was eventually rediscovered by the Galactica crew.

3 Planet Krill – Orville

City Creel in Orville

Orville is one of Hulu’s most ambitious and entertaining offerings with many amazingly designed, cool, and iconic fantasy planets. While the Orville crew has visited plenty of exciting planets like Kaylon, Xelaya, and Moclus, the most important and interesting one is Krill.

Planet Krill is one of the most advanced planets in the world Orville The universe and planet Earth of the somewhat aggressive krill race. Orville It is one of the best new shows for sci-fi fans who want to go on fun adventures while exploring fantastic new worlds and getting to know a variety of alien species and their cultures.

2 Slippery Planet – Andor

Crust planet in Indore

thanks for the AndorFans can finally revisit one of the world’s most important planets star Wars being. This giant, vibrant planet is the capital of the galaxy and provides a home to a variety of alien species.

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Coruscant is one of the most sparsely populated planets in the world star Wars The universe, which includes giant skyscrapers as well as the inner levels below the surface of the planet. As a result, one of the greatest moments in Andor is when Cassian finally returns to the most important city in the Empire.

1 Planet Vulcan – Star Trek

A city on the planet Vulcan in Star Trek

There are dozens of interesting planets in Star Trek franchise, although none are as iconic as Planet Vulcan. Although Vulcan is a desert planet, it is a densely populated planet with many beautiful cities. Not only was this iconic fantasy planet the homeworld of the Vulcan race, it eventually became home to the Romulans after reunification.

Vulcan AKA Ni’Var is one of the oldest and most popular fictional planets in television history. It has a fascinating history and culture and has been featured in many Star Trek Shows and movies over the years.

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