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good morning! Do you tweet negatively about your team?

Tank you

Welcome to Wembsday!
There are two things NBA Teams Must Play This Season: Larry O’Brien Trophy and First Pick in the Draft. I know; We’re not supposed to openly embrace tanks here. But most of your teams don’t compete for the title.

If you’re up on what to do: Have you seen Victor Wimpanyama?? the 7-foot-4 Frenchie with an infinite wingspan And the size 20.5 shoes are the reason for the tank. Some call him the best prospect since LeBron James. Some call it the best prospect ever. Having the guard skills he has is something they don’t allow in video games anymore.

The 19-year-old averages 21.9 points, 9.6 rebounds, and 3.2 blocks. Takes With one leg, he runs in three throws For fun. We shouldn’t be tanking but the pride of being 22nd in the NBA standings and not finishing that prospect shouldn’t exist.

Be sure to check out the Hoops Adjacent podcast with David Aldridge and Marcus Thompson. They are talking to French basketball journalist Bastien Fontano about Wimpanyama. You won’t want to miss it.

The latest from Shams

Many NBA teams are increasing their pursuit of this spurs Center Jacob Boelteland it appears that a move east may be possible before the February 9 trading deadline.

the wild birds And Celtics Among the teams that have expressed interest, sources say, is the 27-year-old arguably going to be the oldest unrestricted free agent big man in July.

Bieltle averages 11.8 points on 62 percent shooting and 9.0 rebounds per game for the 14-37 Spurs.

This and much more In this week’s Inside Pass.

# Giannis is better

Greek Freak has two more levels to go?
Think of how overwhelming that would be Giannis Antikonmo On the basketball court. Teams make whole game plans to throw as many bodies as possible in front of him in hopes he doesn’t put players on a poster. Or in the spotlight on TikTok. Not sure if we have stickers anymore.

Although he averaged a career high of 31.8 points, Giannis believes he can improve a lot. He recently sat down with Eric Nehm from The Athletic To talk about upping his game.

“There are two more levels to be unlocked here. And I have to stay locked to unlock those levels. I’m not unlocking them right now.” He added, “But there are more levels to unlock and at the moment, I’m just not touching that one and it bothers me.”

Here’s Eric talking to Tinsel about the idea.

Giannis won arguably the greatest game in NBA Finals history. He is a two-time MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and NBA Finals MVP. He averaged 28.7 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 5.5 assists per game over the last five and a half seasons.

You’re telling me there are two more levels above that? Good luck everyone.

Negative tweet!

We are the heat Most negative fans?
You know how graphs and maps can be on the Internet. Someone says the most searched candy in every state is Rolos or that weird strawberry hard candy, and everyone is raving about it. I never know how real these things are. But it’s still fun to answer.

This week, there was something similar about the NBA’s most negative fanbase. According to Replay Poker (via NBACentral), The most negative fan bases on Twitter Tracked and scheduled.

the the Warriors She has the third most negative fan base. the Nix It is the second most negative. And The Heat has the most negative fans on Twitter. All three of these teams had a sample that scored more than 30 percent of tweets as negative.

the Warriors? Maybe complain about Steve Kerr’s rotation. Knicks lovers? Maybe angry about something James Dolan said. heat fans? Their team didn’t look quite like the team from last season.

Most surprising on this list? Denver In the ninth, the Nuggets crush it and have the MVP. But maybe it has to do with how hard it is to watch their games locally.

on this date

Bernard King was destroying everyone
On this day 39 years ago, Bernard King posted his second consecutive 50-point game. It happened in Dallas, where King went 50 while shooting 20-of-28 from the ground and 10-of-13 from the line. A Knicks forward didn’t take a single three-pointer because they rarely did in 1984.

In the previous game, King went for 50 in San Antonio, this time on 20-of-30 from the field and 10-of-13 from the free throw line. King’s scoring streaks in those games were approx match. King spoke about it with Kevin Garnett and Gary Payton five years ago, saying his transition was Back-to-back 1950s teams with this left baseline offense.

He’s one of dozens of players to do so, despite having 3-pointers and Recording explosions This season, it looks like a storm is about to happen again soon. Of course, Wilt Chamberlain has had 50 runs in seven straight matches. Corrupt all records.

Bounce passes

last night + tonight

Story from the night: Let’s track LeBron’s offense to the all-time scoring record! King James scored 28 points in the overtime win over the Knicks. He now needs 89 points to pass Karim.

Main night screen: networksCeltics (7:30 p.m. EST): Anytime Kyrie Irving Coming back to Boston, it’s must-see TV. Don’t forget to watch Damien LillardJa Morant Battle of Guard Point (8 p.m.). Check out the full schedule here.

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(Photo by Victor Wimpanyama: Glenn Gervot/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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