The former president’s daughter urges Prince Harry to calm down

The former first daughter says she regrets her tell-all memoir.

Prince Harry He has someone outside the royal family family begging him to reconsider telling everyone additional: Patti Davisdaughter Ronald Reagan.

Davis published her own memoirs, The way I see itin 1992, which told family secrets about the former president and was considered controversial at the time of its release.

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“My justification for writing a book I now wish I hadn’t…was very similar to what I understand to be Harry’s reasoning. I wanted to tell the truth, I wanted to set the record straight. Naively, I thought if I put out my own feelings and my own truth for the world to read, my family might understand me.” Better,” Davis wrote in an editorial for New York times.

In the editorial, Davis said she apologized to her father during the early stages of his Alzheimer’s diagnosis “when he was still having lucid moments.” She remembered that he wasn’t talking much at the time, but she knew from the look in his eyes that he understood and appreciated the gesture.

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Patti Davis

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“I thought at that moment when I read that Prince Harry, in his new memoir, wrote about his father, King Charles, switches between his fighting sons and says, “Please boys, don’t make my last years miserable.” She noted that time is unpredictable. I had the gift of time with my father, which allowed me to apologize, even though there was an illness hovering between us and affecting our communication. King Charles’ words reveal a man who is aware of his own death and would like his descendants to be aware of it as well.”

Davis urged Harry to think about it Prince William He has his own truth and perspective on the circumstances of their lives (and likely on the alleged quarrel Meghan Markle Harry revealed in the snippet that set the internet on fire last week).

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Davies writes: “Harry wrote that, after being beaten by William, William asked Harry to strike him back, which he refused to do.” “But by writing about the fight, he’s done just that.”

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Ronald Reagan with his wife Nancy, son Ronald Jr. and daughter Patti Davis

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Davis said the best advice she gives her younger self is simply to “keep quiet”.

She explained, “Not forever. But until I can step back and look at things in a broader perspective. Until I realized that words have consequences, and they last for a really long time.” “Harry called William not just his ‘beloved brother’, but his ‘mortal enemy’. He chose words that are deep, that leave a scar; perhaps if he had taken time to be quiet, to reflect on the enduring power of his words, he would have chosen differently.”

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Davis encouraged Harry to live by the same motto attributed to the British royal family of “never complain, never explain” – a motto he despises and accuses the family of violating by leaking stories through courtiers rather than making official statements.

“Silence gives you space, it gives you distance, it allows you to look at your experiences more fully, without being tempted by even the outcome,” Davis advised. He can not speak what he said.”

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Davis wrote, “I learned one more thing about truth: not every truth has to be told to the whole world.” “People will always be curious about famous families, and often the stories of these families resonate with others, giving them insight into their own situations, even transcending the time since fame flutters on the edges of eternity. But not everything has to be so common, a fact that can He teaches her to be silent. Harry seems to have worked on the principle that ‘silence is not an option.’ I would, respectfully, suggest that to him.”

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