The fraud case against the founders of Global Outreach was flawed

A California food truck was filmed on the 401 Center St.  of Global Outreach Developments International on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, in Old Hickory, Tennessee.  Fraud charges against the founder of the nonprofit organization Greg Garner and his wife, Tara Garner, were dropped after the prosecution's case collapsed.
  • Greg and Tara Garner are the founders of the Nashville-based international nonprofit Global Outreach Developments.
  • The couple were indicted last year on charges of theft and fraud at TennCare.
  • New evidence shows that prosecutors dropped the case against them this summer.

Prosecutors have discovered issues in the Medicaid fraud case against Gregg and Tara Garner, the husband and wife behind Global Outreach Developments in Nashville, new details from the now-closed case presentation.

The Garners were accused in March of 2021 of deceiving the state’s Medicaid program by failing to report work income that would have prevented family members from receiving health insurance benefits.

New evidence suggests that the family behind the religious nonprofit was mistakenly registered with TennCare after a phone call between a Medicaid representative and a family aide. During the call, the assistant identified herself as Tara Garner.

“It has been clear to us that the Garner family has not actively placed their children in TennCare,” Assistant Attorney General Chadwick Jackson said this summer in conversations with Tennessee. “It was this guy trying to figure out the health insurance status who did it by accident.”

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