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Schaeffler in Texas vs. Alabama; Tiger in New York City.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of The Rogers Report. It’s been a great two week break from all of that, but I’m relieved that the PGA Tour is officially back on Thursday. Golf makes up for (take or give) 90 percent of my personality, and without it I don’t have much to talk about.

Enough of the short talk. Let’s go to it.

Ian Poulter vs Billy Horschel?

The week started off strong when PGA Tour players and LIV golfers competed together in the BMW PGA Championship last week, and it was the best reality TV ever. John RamAnd the Rory McIlroy And the Billy Horschel They all gave their thoughts on the matter, but to me it all reminded me of when two friends in your friend group break up and then have to go to the same birthday party. Everyone knows, everyone whispers about it and waits The The moment of truth: when they have to face each other.

Finally we’ve got a showdown (or a golf version of it, which is more tame) between them polter and horschel last Wednesday.

What I would have done to be so close to this conversation! Horschel and Poulter both said their conversation wasn’t serious, but the type of body language warrants a difference. Poulter went on to add his own audio to the video, which you can check out below.

We are here at the Rogers Report the love Social media compensation. Well done guys. And while we were on the subject of Horschel, he handled the error with McIlroy very well in the BMW PGA.

Brooks Copka Italian Vacation

Between the events of LIV in Boston and Chicago, Brooks, Chase Koepka, Jena Sims, and crew headed to Italy on a cruise. They stopped in Portofino, Portoferraio and Capri. If you are like me and haven’t traveled to these locations, don’t worry because I lived vicariously during their journey and now you can too.

Brooks Koepka and Jenna Sims in Italy.

Jenna Sims

Jorts are back!

There’s nothing better than a themed party, which the Koepka-Sims crew totally crushed last week. It started with prom night. Say what you want about the suits, but this sounded really fun.

Adult prom!

Jenna Sims

I also think this is one of the first times we’ve seen some off-track Chase and Brooks Koepka content, which didn’t disappoint.

Adult prom!

Jenna Sims

These two love to dance! I’d be lying if I said I knew Chase had this.

Another party thrown on the boat was Outer Space Night, which Brooks took very seriously. I don’t see myself going on a cruise anytime soon (read: never), but if I am, I want to be just like this one.

Outer Space Night!

Jenna Sims

The Positives take in Texas against Alabama

The first pair of golfers (Scotty and Meredith Scheffler) cheered on the Longhorns over the weekend and the Masters champ got a big surprise during his time at College GameDay.

In fact, a Many of the Texas golf graduates were in Austin over the weekend.

Talk about a band. And while he’s not a Texan graduate (perhaps an honorary? His wife, Angela Atkins, played golf at UT and her father, Marty Atkins, was the US quarterback there), Sergio Garcia was in attendance Saturday after firing a 76 in the first round of the BMW PGA Championship. Approximately 4,730 miles away.

DP World Tour may take now Disciplinary action against Garcia, who failed to provide a reason for his motives against violence against women. Unfortunately, I don’t think college football will be accepted as an excuse. Make this a lesson for all readers: If you’re going to play hockey, you need to keep your social footprint clean until you get back to work. It’s a beginner’s mistake and the exact plot line of dozens of episodes of Disney Channel shows.

Finau shoots hoops with Drake

Tony Finau and a handful of other celebrities took their talents to Oregon for an event at Nike’s headquarters last week and it looked amazing. And hanging out with Drake seems like the ultimate reward for a guy like Finau who loves to rap in his car.

Tony Fino at the Nike headquarters.

Lina Vino

Shane Lowry Celebrations

We saw it after the 2019 Open, and we saw it again over the weekend. Shane Lowry loves to celebrate his victories (as he should). Fortunately for us, he loves to share these festivities online. Before getting into the celebrations that happened off the track, let’s take a moment to appreciate this moment between Laurie and McIlroy.

“I’m really happy for you,” says Rory, “I’ve earned enough anyway,” Shane replies. Nice guys alert! It looks as if Rory has stuck with some festivities.

I love the fact that Lowry got into the viral TikTok trend of recording yourself before your first and last drink of the night, and I truly I love the fact that Rory is charging a shout at the other end in the photo above. Celebration or not, this guy is committed to getting these redemption numbers!

What followed the next morning is something we can all relate to, even though most of us have never won a professional golf tournament.

I hope by the time this article comes out Shane Lowry will be back feeling 100 percent.

Pros of New York City

Tiger, Joe LaCava, Scottie Scheffler and Sam Burns are in New York this week for the Nexus Cup at the Liberty National. (But Claire! Liberty National is in Jersey City! I know, but they’re hanging out in NYC, as shown in a photo of Scottie Scheffler catching some pizza in the pouring rain.)

Scotty Scheffler in New York City.

Scotty Scheffler

Listen, I’m so glad we got this picture. I’m glad Schaeffler shares an inside look at his life on social media. I know beggars can’t be elect and that I don’t have to tell World #1 what to do, but I will the love So that the text and location tag don’t cover his face from now on. It doesn’t look as clean as it would, say, at the bottom of the screen.

moving forward. I thought that a Many About what my picture with Tiger Woods will do (God willing, willIt looks, and I think I’d be very happy if my hair looked as good as Jimmy Fallon here.

Tiger even hit some balls in the field on Tuesday morning, and while I’m not qualified to comment on his swing state, I’d say things look pretty good!

This week in Terrell Hutton’s content

I’m not sure why Tyrrell Hatton is not included in this column so often. It is a content machine. Golfers can’t always communicate, but Hutton was definitely here.

Every video on track for this guy is absolute gold.

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