The Monogram Health Foundation donates $2.5 million to the University of Pennsylvania for a clinical research partnership that aims to improve outcomes for people with chronic kidney disease.

Nashville, Tenn. And the PhiladelphiaAnd the September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/- health monogramToday, the leading specialist provider of nephrology, primary care and benefits management services to individuals with chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease, announced that 2.5 million dollars A gift to the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics in University of Pennsylvania (Ben LDI). The donation will be used to create the Chronic Kidney Disease Health Monogram Fund, which will support a collaborative research initiative at Penn LDI aimed at improving clinical outcomes for individuals with chronic kidney disease.

Penn LDI is located in Philadelphia, is dedicated to data-driven, policy-focused research that improves health and healthcare in the country. The new research initiative on Improving the Management of Chronic Kidney Disease will build on Penn LDI’s expertise and reputation as an unbiased academic authority in innovating and improving health care delivery while aligning with Monogram Health’s commitment to measurably improving outcomes for individuals with kidney disease. The multi-year project will focus on rapid transformations and high-impact research into evidence-based pathways of care that will transform the delivery of care for individuals with advanced chronic kidney disease and end-stage kidney disease.

“This research initiative will allow for important new contributions to be made that will enhance the ability of the field and health care to effectively identify, manage, and improve outcomes for patients with kidney disease,” Senator said. Bill FristMD, chair of the board of directors of Monogram Health. “We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with a reputable research entity such as Penn LDI to study treatment approaches with the goal of promoting evidence-based kidney care. We believe this work will benefit millions of Americans, particularly minorities who have a higher tendency to develop advanced kidney disease.”

Among the more than 37 million people in the United States living with chronic kidney disease, communities of color are disproportionately affected, with rates of chronic kidney disease nearly four times higher among African Americans. Penn LDI will draw on its extensive experience in CKD and its implants to focus on identifying drivers of CKD progression and addressing barriers to the adoption of optimal evidence-based therapies.

“This commitment from Monogram Health marks a step forward in equitable access to healthcare and innovative research, providing meaningful resources for Penn LDI and its partnerships across the university,” said Wharton School Dean. Erica James. “The necromancy of the affected and the discoveries that will result from this contribution fills Wharton The community is proud to be a part of Penn LDI and deeply grateful for this generous gift. “

“Thanks to Monogram Health’s generous gift and commitment to innovation and health equity, our team will be empowered to conduct significant, independent research focused on improving healthcare delivery for kidney patients,” he said. Rachel MMD, PhD, executive director of Penn LDI. “It will also allow for the vital step of sharing our findings with stakeholders who can use them, to maximize the impact of research on health policy and innovation in chronic kidney disease care. We deeply appreciate Monogram’s interest in advancing research in this important area.”

About monogram health
Monogram Health is a leading provider of value-based home services Kidney diseasePrimary care and benefit management services for individuals with chronic kidney disease and end-stage kidney disease. The company deploys an innovative in-home care delivery model and a suite of evidence-based and technology-driven clinical services, including complex disease and case management, utilization management, and drug therapy management to transform the way health care is delivered for those with kidney disease. This innovative model of care has been shown to dramatically improve patient outcomes and quality of life while reducing medical costs across the healthcare chain. depends on Nashville, Tennesseeand privately owned Frist Chrissy projects, Norwest Venture Partners and TPG Capital, Monogram Health has many value-based partnerships with leading health plans for patient care in 33 states and all insurance products. To learn more about Monogram Health, please visit over here.

About Penn LDI
Since 1967, the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics in University of Pennsylvania (The son of LDI) is the country’s leading university institute dedicated to data-oriented, policy-focused Research that improves our nation’s health and healthcare. The son of LDI Connects each of the twelve The son of schools University of Pennsylvania Health system, children’s hospital Philadelphia Through more than 300 The son of Who are the faculty members? LDI Senior colleagues. The son of LDI’s Work focus on it Some of the most pressing challenges facing our country’s health system today, including increasing Access to health care, improved health equity, and improved care for those with chronic diseases.

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