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good morning! Be like Jacob Poeltel today.


Portland? Nashville?

The expansion of baseball is happening. Commissioner Rob Manfred wants it. Cities want teams. It should be a reality soon.

The Athletic’s baseball team has been doing some great work this week, highlighting potential expansion sites:

  • Portland: plans Already underway Nesbitt writes about a 32,000-capacity stadium. The city is there and so are the investors.
  • Nashville: Andy McCullough reports on the basis for MLB The team is already being built – and they are You already have a name chosen.

Las Vegas, Charlotte, and others are leading candidates for new teams, too. Manfred said he wanted a solution to athletics And rays, both of whom were engaged in nasty negotiations over a new stadium, before MLB had officially expanded to 32 teams. But it’s coming, and the A and/or Rays could be in a new city, too.

Stay tuned this week for more cities.

LeBron Tracker

Lebronscape review

LeBron James would be the leading scorer in basketball any day now. We’ll be keeping track of his pace regularly in these digital pages, but be sure to bookmark our playlist on the site.

James, however, is on edge multiple Milestones this year:

  • Points: 316 away Who ever recorded Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It is expected to break the record on February 7.
  • Steal: is the ninth all time with 2170. He should pass Clyde Drexler and move into eighth this year.
  • Follow-ups: No. 33would probably overtake David Robinson tonight for No. 32.
  • Assists: No. 6, but must pass (excuse the pun) Mark Jackson and Steve Nash this year to reach No. 4, behind friend Chris Paul. It is quite realistic that James will eventually pass second-placed Jason Kidd.

Let’s summarize: More points than anyone else, more steals than Drexler, more rebounds than Robinson and more assists than Nash. Plus many more future seasons. But if James retires tomorrow, he’ll end up with the best statistical career ever.

We can do Jordan vs. LeBron any time. Let’s save it for the holiday season. Just as much as James is doing now.

loop feedback

Sorry, Tampa

In yesterday’s pulse poll, we had some amazing clarity on one aspect of Tom Brady’s future: You guys really don’t think he’s dating the Pirates. Voting detail:

  • 51 percent of you think He’s heading to the FOX booth
  • 46 percent I think he’s playing somewhere else
  • only 3 percent I think he’s back with the Bucs

Vic Tavor Great piece On why Las Vegas, a popular theoretical landing place for Brady, actually doesn’t make sense. We are still waiting for any official word from Brady about his future.

Summary / s

Titans hire a new GM
Ran Karthon is New general manager in TennesseeSources confirmed to the athlete. Carthon, the former 49ers director of player personnel, inherits a bizarre situation in which his predecessor, John Robinson, was eviction Despite overseeing six consecutive winning seasons before faltering slightly this season.

Michigan OC put on vacation
The program was developed by Joint Attack Coordinator Matt Weiss upon departure After university police began investigating alleged computer access offenses at Schembechler Hall, where the football offices are located, in December. Weiss joined the Wolverines in 2021 after 12 seasons with the Ravens.

Gronk summoned
Account holders of Voyager Digital, a cryptocurrency company under Chapter 11 proceedings, have sued Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for promoting the company. As part of the lawsuit, Rob Gronkowski — an official Voyager brand ambassador — been called to testify, and may be added as a defendant in the lawsuit. Gronkowski joins former teammate Tom Brady as Super Bowl champions-turned-goals in cryptic lawsuits.

Hi, my name is he

Jacob Bueltel, The Key to Everything

Do you know the NBA Three week trade deadline? You can pretend you did. Madness is imminent, but the main character can be an underrated center.

Published yesterday, Shams Sha’raniyah A sprawling notebook One of the things he hears as the deadline approaches, with an eye on Tottenham center Jacob Boltel, is the 27-year-old big man who could be a leading Domino in trade talks around the league. essence:

  • Poeltl is best described as very efficient. He’s a great victory player, a great offensive roller and an outstanding defender. He came into his own with some admittedly bad teams.
  • Which brings us to the crux of Poeltl’s predicament: Tottenham wants to keep him for the long term, according to Shams, but the midfielder is a free agent after this season and wants to play for a competitor. The Spurs…are not in that position, and they may not be able to afford the high price Poeltl would command on the open market. Trade is possible.

Celtics are interested. So are the Raptors, who drafted Poeltl in 2016 before trading him to San Antonio in the Kawhi Leonard trade. There will be other suitors as well.

Everything can flow from there. Full sunshine Well worth a read, with intel on other business pieces like Terry Rozier, Eric Gordon, Pascal Siakam, and more. connect in.

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