The second week begins with firearm manuals and cross exams

  • In the SLED interview, Mordo appears to say “It’s too bad, I did it too badly, when I talk about the son, Paul.
  • In a follow-up SLED interview, Murdaux told police that the last time he saw the victims was when they had dinner; But the state says it has cell phone video to prove otherwise.
  • Cross-examination of SLED operator Jeff Croft is expected to begin at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

The video at the top of the story will stream live or replay when you’ve finished the day’s actions.

Day six of the Alex Mordeau murder trial concluded with more testimony from Jeff Croft, SLED Special Agent, about 300 Blackout rounds and 12 caliber rifle shells found elsewhere on the Moselle estate, an AR-15 made specifically for Mordeau, and video footage from SLED An interview with Murdau appears to contain some questionable statements from the suspect.

During the afternoon session, Croft testified that other areas of the Moselle, including a shooting shed and a pond, were filled with 300 blackout casings and 12-gauge shotgun shells like the types used to kill Maggie and Paul. The prosecution ran camera footage of Croft and other SLED customers collecting these cartridges.

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