The World Computing Society names 57 fellows

Manish Agrawala
Stanford University
For contributions to visual communication through computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and information visualization

Anima Anandkumar
California Institute of Technology
For contributions to tensor methods for probabilistic models and neurofactors

David Atienza Alonso
For contributions to the design of high-performance integrated systems and ultra-low power circuits and structures

Boaz Barak
Harvard university
For contributions to theoretical computer science, particularly cryptography and computational complexity, and to serve the theoretical community

Michel Baudouin-Lavon
Paris-Saclay University
For contributions to human-computer interaction, instrumental interaction, generative theory, and community leadership

Peter Bonks
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
For contributions to the design of columnar, main memory, and vector database systems

Lewis H
Washington University
For contributions to the development of new programming architectures and systems for emerging applications and computing technologies

Ranveer Chandra
For contributions to software-defined wireless networking and applications in agriculture and rural broadband

Nitesh Chawla
University of Notre Dame
For contributions to machine learning research for unbalanced data and graphs and interdisciplinary innovations

Ed H Chi
The Google
For contributions to machine learning and data mining techniques for social computing and recommendation systems

Corinna Curtis
The Google
For theoretical and practical contributions to machine learning, industrial leadership, and service in the field

Bill Curtis
CAST Program / Consortium for Information and Program Quality (CISQ)
For contributions to software process, software measurement, and human factors in software engineering

Konstantinos Daskalakis
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
For fundamental contributions to algorithmic game theory, mechanism design, sub-algorithms, and theoretical machine learning

Kalyanmu Deep
Michigan State University
For technical contributions to multi-objective evolutionary optimization algorithms and multi-criteria decision support

Brunice R. D. Sobinsky
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
To contribute to the design of large scale systems and their programming systems and software

Sebastian Baum
University of Virginia
For contributions to the analysis and testing of cutting-edge systems and robotic systems

Yuguang Fang “Michael”
City University of Hong Kong
For contributions to wireless networking and mobile computing

Kevin Fu
Northeastern University
For contributions to computer security, particularly to the secure engineering of medical devices

Craig Gottsman
New Jersey Institute of Technology
For contributions to computer graphics, engineering processing, and visual computing

Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan
Queen’s University
For contributions to the quality assurance of extensive software systems

Abdel Salam (Sumy) Hilal
University of Florida
For contributions to mobile and pervasive computing, and their applications in agile advancements and accessibility

Jorg Henkel
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
For contributions to the joint design of hardware/software for power and thermally efficient embedded computing

Manuel in Hermenegildo
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and IMDEA SW Institute
For contributions to Program Analysis, Verification, Parallelism, Logic Programming, and the IMDEA Software Institute

Michael Hicks
University of Maryland, Amazon Web Services
For contributions to programming language design and implementation, software analysis, and software security

Torsten Hoeffler
ETH Zurich
For foundational contributions to high-performance computing and the application of HPC techniques to machine learning

Jason Hong
Carnegie Mellon University
For contributions to ubiquitous computing, privacy, and usable security

Sandy Irani
University of California, Irvine
For contributions to the theory of online algorithms and quantum complexity theory

Hiroshi Ishii
MIT Media Lab
For contributions to tangible user interfaces and human-computer interaction

Alphonse Kemper
Munich Technical University
For contributions to database management system technology

Sameer Kholer
Northwestern University
For contributions to algorithm design with real-world implications, guidance, and community building

Farinaz Kouchnifar
University of California, San Diego
For contributions to secure computing and privacy-preserving machine learning

Copy. Jay Ko
University of Southern California
For contributions to technologies, applications, and extension in visual computing

Hang me
For contributions to machine learning research and dialogue

Jimmy Lynn
University of Waterloo
For contributions to question answering, information retrieval, and natural language processing

Radu Marculescu
University of Texas at Austin
For contributions to the low-power, communications-based design of embedded systems

Hong Mi
Peking University
To contribute to software engineering research and translation, and to set research standards in China

David M Mount
University of Maryland in College Park
For contributions to algorithms and data structures for engineering data analysis and retrieval

Gonzalo Navarro
University of Chile
For theoretical and practical contributions in the fields of text search and embedded data structures

Raphael Corridor
Cornell University, Tel Aviv University
For contributions to the foundations of cryptography

Mark Polivais
ETH Zurich and Microsoft
For contributions to engineering computer vision and applications in AR/VR/MR, robotics, and autonomous vehicles

Alex Bouthen
Purdue University
For contributions and leadership in combinatorial scientific computing

Moinuddin Qureshi
Georgia Institute of Technology
For contributions to the design of the memory hierarchy

Ashutosh Sabharwal
Rice University
For the invention of two-way wireless search systems and open source wireless search platforms

Timothy Sherwood
University of California, Santa Barbara
For contributions to computer system security and performance analysis

Stefano Swato
University of California, Los Angeles
For contributions to the foundations and applications of visual geometry and learning of visual representations

John T Stasko
Georgia Institute of Technology
For contributions to the design, analysis, use and evaluation of software and information visualization

Zhendong Su
ETH Zurich
For contributions to software testing and analysis

Gary J Sullivan
For contributions to image and video compression and leadership in unifying them

Jaime Tevan
For contributions to human-computer interaction, information retrieval, and productivity

Kentaro Toyama
University of Michigan
For contributions to innovation and critique of digital technology for socio-economic development and social justice

Rene Vidal
Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania
For contributions to subspace grouping and motion segmentation in computer vision

Eric Cheng
Carnegie Mellon University, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence
For contributions to algorithms, architectures, and applications in machine learning

Dong Yu
For contributions to speech processing and deep learning applications

Yizhou Yu
University of Hong Kong
For contributions to computer graphics and computer vision

Haitao (Heather) Cheng
University of Chicago
For contributions to wireless networking and mobile computing

Wenwu Zhu
Tsinghua University
For contributions to multimedia networks and network representation

Denis Zorin
New york university
For contributions to computer graphics, engineering processing, and scientific computing

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