The Yankees are not ready to bring Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton into the squad

In a perfect world, Aaron Boone probably wouldn’t survive Put up Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton as number 1 and 2 hitters.

But the Yankees aren’t quite as luxurious these days, which means a 1-2 slug could last during the club’s five-game road trip against the Red Sox and Brewers that begins Tuesday in Boston.

“We’ll see,” Director Aaron Boone said on Sunday. “With more men coming back, not necessarily. But maybe here in the short term.”

The initial results were difficult to argue.

In two Yankees games with Judge and Stanton leading their standings, they exploded for 20 rounds against the Rays who specialize in blocking runs. In their first 17 encounters of the season, the Rays had held the Yankees averaging just 2.8 throws per game.

Of course, it was only two games, but they were two games where the Yankees still didn’t have a full-fledged squad and yet they came up with a way to make the most of the health bits they had.

Aaron Judge delivers RBI single to the Yankees
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Over the two games, Judge went 4-8 with two rounds and two RBIs. Stanton, in his first two games since a ball got dirty from his foot last Monday, went 3 for 7 with two home runs, two walks, four runs and four RBIs.

“When they’re at their best, they’re great hitters,” Boone said. “Because we got two guys back, ‘G’ was one of those, that lengthened the demand. Both days, the first half, these guys lasted. So it looks really good, especially when the rest of the arrangement follows him and pushes them into it.”

“It’s good to see Giancarlo collecting some really good hits. When that happens and you have the Judge there, you better be on top of your game right out of the chute.”

Just as important, there hasn’t been a black hole after Judge and Stanton.

On Saturday, after the duo topped the first inning, the Yankees followed with five straight songs behind them on their way to a 6-0 lead. Hitters No. 3-7 – Jaliber Torres, Josh Donaldson, Oswaldo Cabrera Miguel Andujar and Isaiah Keener-Valeva – have each had two games. Donaldson also punctuated his return from the paternity list with his house.

On Sunday, after the judge picked and walked Stanton to start the first inning, Torres followed with his first two home runs of the day to advance 3-0.

Giancarlo Stanton
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“I feel like the bowler on the opposite team is really affected,” Torres said. “I feel relaxed when I brought these guys in because I know what they can do for the team. It feels a little more comfortable because we don’t have all the pressure and all the weight. The most important thing for us is everyone is healthy and we know what we can do.”

The Yankees are still waiting for that full health. Anthony Rizzo (Headache) He is not expected to be out of IL until the end of this week at the earliest. DJ LeMahieu (Toe Infection) is targeting home next week, Although this is still up in the air. And Andrew Benintende (a broken hook to a bone) and Matt Carpenter (a broken toe) might not be options for at least a few more weeks, if at all.

But after a streak that started with Boone saying “the season waits for no one” — and then the Rays taking 3 games out of the top spot on Friday night — the Yankees grabbed themselves and pushed their lead at the top of the AL East to 5 ½ games with 21 games to play.

“We have to prepare for Boston,” Boone said. “Try not to get busy [the lead]. By definition, it feels better. but we got [21] To go and we have to get ourselves right and completely and do our best. This is what we are looking for and striving to achieve.”

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