There is so much Assassin’s Creed right now, it’s hard to keep up

Preview on the five Assassin's Creed games Ubisoft is developing: Mirage, Codename Red, Codename Hex, Codename Jade, something with Netflix and the final chapter to Valhalla.

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I’m sorry if the first page of Kotaku It reads like an ad for Ubisoft at the moment, but want to know the wildest thing about it all? This is not all that the French company recently announced to the world Doctrine killer During the big Ubisoft Forward event. There was a lot Doctrine killerUbisoft held a full demo of the open world series today.

We knew it was coming, of course. Ubisoft has always been a company with many things Doctrine killer iron on fire. But on the other hand, there’s a reason this was the first year that an exclusive part of the series was necessary. Let’s get past it, shall we?

In addition to the final ending Assassin’s Creed Valhalla With a free content update wrapping up the story, Ubisoft makes the donkeycreed group in japan, And it’s technically a hot ticket series item after fans have been begging for this setup for so long. But the company too Really amplifying ‘Back to Basics’ Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which was set 20 years ago Valhalla. and do not forget Valhalla I just got a new status not too long ago, too. Valhalla I’ve been getting constant updates all this time.

I’m referring to this because I want to stress that what Ubisoft revealed today wasn’t the company’s equivalent of finally feeding fans after a drought, even though it’s been two years since the last major entry. There was nothing new assassins creed Last year, but the machine did not stop. In fact, Ubisoft claims that 2021 was One of the best years ever for a franchise, in terms of revenue.

OK. These are the big things that have been echoed if they haven’t been leaked for a long time. We also have a file A mysterious mobile game coming from Netflix, apparently to celebrate the final release of the live-action series, but this isn’t the only mobile game in development at the moment. After not too long Tencent acquires a larger stake in Ubisoftwe got an announcement for something with the codename Assassin’s Creed JADE, Triple A is set in ancient China and is coming to mobile devices.

But wait, there’s more! While we only got a short teaser for it, Ubisoft is working on something it’s giving the codename Assassin’s Creed HEXE, which appears to be a witchy twist on the stabby franchise.

Did you think we were done? My sweet summer child. No. Some guy at Axios is Reporting we’ll get too Assassin’s Creed Invictuswhich is an entry focused on multiplayer that will be supported by developers who have worked on games like rainbow 6 siege And the for honor. For the sake of sanity, I’m going to ignore all news about the goods and the show. But let it be known that all I just wrote wasn’t all, technically speaking.

No wonder Ubisoft also announced Assassin’s Creed InfinityAxis That both portend our destiny in the shadow of history’s ever-expanding streak, but that, in effect, link this vast network of games together. Somehow. Made by Ubisoft endless Sounds baffling as hell, although we know it’ll work as a launcher and that endless It will also feature elements from the larger modern descriptive story that ties the science together. We know that too Assassin’s Creed Red will be part of endless In a way, this makes sense: even if people are skeptical about the download another thingThey’d probably do it for a high-profile game.

It’s all very ambitious, and I’m sure there’s something here for every appetite you might have, given the wide variety of things in development, all of which won’t be a gigantic over a hundred hours. But damn, nothing is out yet and I’m already a little tired and exhausted. Doctrine killer It’s not a franchise anymore, it’s an industry.

Now you might be wondering how Ubisoft is doing all this amid a greater computation within development studios scattered around the world, some of which are seeking to form guilds. While workers say Ubisoft has introduced things like abuse reporting systems, inclusion is necessary next Senior Developer Assassin’s Creed Valhalla He was fired for “misconduct”, The group is still critical of the way the company is, in their view, He mishandled more recent reports of “abusers.” But in a recent interview, Ubisoft Executive Producer Marc-Alexis Côté did just that Insist the company to be more active. “We get involved much sooner when there’s any situation that might lead us down the harassment path,” Cote said.

All along, Ubisoft has been striving to give the studios more development time to help deliver the staggering number of games announced today.

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