Tony Stewart remembers Dale Earnhardt’s words after his double NASCAR-INDYCAR feat

There are a lot of great things that NASCAR Sprint Cup driver, Tony Stewart has done over the years. However, this 2001 event would definitely make it to the top of that list. In 2001, “Smoke” made history by doing rare double duty. He became the only driver to complete 1,100 miles of the Indy 500 and Charlotte 600 on the same day!

During his recent chat with YouTubers Rico Elmore and Ken Stoute, Tony Stewart We reminisced about his amazing dual-duty stunt back in 2001. Moreover, the owner of Stewart-Haas Racing also revealed the details of his conversation with NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, moments after he achieved the historic feat.


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On the December 2022 episode of the Skinny podcast, co-host Rico Elmore asked Stewart how he felt after completing his second race in Charlotte. Stewart immediately replied, “Terrible. Literally like terrible.” Moreover, he remembered his meeting with Dale Earhardt A few moments after completing his arduous double task. He said he shares

“I remember, at the time when I finished second to fifth, I went to the monopumps and Dale Sr. had run ahead of me. And I don’t remember where I finished… fourth, I think. And I remember him coming out and getting in the car… and it was the grille parked.”

What did Dale Earnhardt say?

Afterwards, Stewart reveals his conversation with Earnhardt. And honestly, it was a fun mix of something sweet and funny. Stewart continued,

But I was so exhausted and I was just sitting there. And he leaned out the window, and he said, ‘Have you had enough yet?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m done.’ (Laughs) She sat there for a second and then he grabbed me and helped me pull it up. He brought me out and sat at the window. Then they moved me to the station. They brought me sachets of fluids. I was literally exhausted.”

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Why did Tony Stewart have to make some tough decisions during the Indy 500 that day?

As Tony Stewart admitted in the interview, his double stint was definitely one of the coolest he’s ever done. But that doesn’t make it any easier. since 2011 NASCAR Cup Series The champion had to travel all the way to North Carolina for his next race, and he had to stay tight on his schedule. However, unfortunately, something unexpected put him and his team in a difficult situation.


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co stuart, “We literally had a red flag and we were all in the car. We had a time frame that we had to leave Indy before we were in Charlotte for the 600 on time. This was the first question Chip asked. He said, “What are you going to do?” I said, “Well, Gibbs is in North Carolina, we’re here in Indy.”

And of course, Stewart decided to complete his race at the Indy 500. Explaining how it was all a lifelong dream, Stewart said he knew he was taking a big risk.

“We’re going to finish this one. And I’m just going to have to deal with the consequences when I get there (Charlotte 600). Luckily, we got there. I was pretty good at asking forgiveness for permission too much. But luckily we finished the race and we still got down there in time.”


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Although Stewart made it to Charlotte before the start of the race, he missed the driver meet. Because of that, the smoke had to start from the end of the grate. But wait, could any of it tarnish the laudable historical achievement he made that day?

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